How to Make Guitar Picks





Introduction: How to Make Guitar Picks

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This is a way on how to make picks enjoy

Step 1: The Items You Will Need in Order to Make Picks

the items are scissors, pen(or permanent marker), a plastic card(membership cards, credit cards anything hard and flexible) and the pick.

Step 2: Draw the Pick

use your pick to make the shape on the card and start drawing the pick (if your using a pen you might want to draw harder so the ink can get on the card)

Step 3: Then You Get Your Pick

as you can see here I've drawn the pick it should look something like this.

Step 4: Start Cutting

start cutting out your pick

Step 5: Then You Get Your Pick, But Not Done Yet

if you see any excess on the pick cut it off

Step 6: Start Filing

file the rough edges that the scissors made on the pick

Step 7: Polish the Edges

Polish the edges of the pick with your carpet (or any cloth or old leather you may have) until it gives it a shine on the edges


your pick is now done the right way if theirs any questions or comments about this message me on yahoo at



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    this is a great in structable. but w/ do we trace if we donthave a guitar pck?

    lmao dude great idea!!! i got like 10 of thos cards....idnt recharge em lmao...

    Hi everyone....I am still working on getting the pick punch to market in early 2009.......updates on the Pick Punch can be found at everyone take care

    3 replies

    diy much better than punch

    very true, but you could probably start a school/ebay business with the punch.

    I'm definitely going to be picking one of these up as soon as they're up for sale.

    Hi, I changed my email to the following....

    Congrats! This is a great idea! I use hand held punches all the time for mixed media art. I got some guitar picks to make jewelry out of but if I had your punch I could make them myself without even having to cut them out! I hope you get it on the market soon, but I know these things can take time. Good luck with it!

    Does anyone have an idea on how to get paint to stick to one of these? My idea is paint then a thin layer of transparent glue. Any ideas?

    1 reply

    You can get paint for plastic at a craft store like Michael's or Hobby Lobby. It comes in small plastic bottles for under $2. a bottle. Sometimes they have a package with 6 colors in small pots on a strip for just a few dollars. You can also use regular acrylic paint if you prime them first with gesso. Once painted you can decorate them further with designs, words, etc. with Sharpies.

    Oh, I got a cool idea. Make them out of used XBOX LIVE subscription cards.

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    yeah that too i saw people on youtube do that

    like not using the filer polish etc many things

    Yeah, I dont know what you mean by "the right way." The others look way better, yours still has rough edges.