How to Make Gummies, Easy and Delicious





Introduction: How to Make Gummies, Easy and Delicious

As an Halloween treat or just a little sweet sweetness, gummies are the favorite treat of all. You can buy some a the candy shop and they are not very expensive. But if you make them by yourself, you will not look at gummies with the same eyes.

This instructable will show you step by step how to make this good and easy to make candy.
Enjoy it!

Step 1: Ingredients

All the ingredients in this list can be found at the grocery store and are really cheap:
- 3 pouches of Knox gelatin (or other)
- 430 ml juice or/and syrup of your choice
- 325 ml sugar

Step 2: Prepare to Work

You need to papered a mould with plastic wrap to easily remove the final product.

Step 3:

First, mix the gelatin with 180 ml of juice. Let inflate one minute.

Step 4:

Next, add the juice and the sugar in a pan, carry to ebullition and when the sugar is dissolved, add the gelatin mix and cook it 2 min.

Step 5:

Turn off the round and wait untill it cools. Then,put it in the mould and go watch TV. Leave for 8 hrs in the fridge.

Step 6: Congrat!

Well done! Now you can enjoy your delicious treat!
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    I wish you used a better measurement than a "pouch" of gelatin so you could use different sizes and brands of gelatin easily.

    knox gelatin like that comes in 1 ounce pouches. most other brands do as well

    I would dip the squares in chocolate like the fancy chocolate covered jellies you can buy in the candy stores.

    I found them at my local family video movie rental place. chocolate covered gummy bears are sooooooo yummmmy.

    you spelled "Syrup" wrong

    do these have to be refrigerated or can they be left at room temperature?

    They can be left at room temperature. Thanks for asking!

    Thanks for the cool comments guys! And sorry for not responding for a while, i am going to make new projects soon, so be patient!

    if i remeber correctly if you reduce the water content you get firmer gummies but if anyone would like to get firmer gummies make experimental batches and reduce the juice content by say 10 ml until you like how firm they are