How to make hair bows

Step 4: Duct tape bow!

Picture of Duct tape bow!
Now you will find out why we need duct tape. To make a duct tape bow of course!

Cut a strip of tape about 6 inches long and fold it in half to make a little sheet of it like in picture 2.

Now hold it in the middle and kind of scrunch it together so it looks like a bow. Cut another piece and wrap it around the middle so it keeps its shape. Glue it to the hair clip and you have a duct tape hair bow!
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doglover113 years ago
thx really helped
thank you soo much! i already made like a bunch! thanks soooo much!(:
Sunbanks (author)  emily.johnson3 years ago
You're welcome :) That's awesome! :)
iPanda4 years ago
This Really Helped Me Complete My New Hairr. Thanks!!! :)
Sunbanks (author)  iPanda4 years ago
Yay! You're welcome :D
Xx3lLaxX4 years ago
Thanks so much!! this really completed one of my clothes designs thanks again
Sunbanks (author)  Xx3lLaxX4 years ago
Cool! I'm glad it helped!

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