Hello, fellow DIY enthusiasts :)

In this instructable I will try to show and explain how to make your own unique night lamp.
As you already know I like making lamps and in this tutorial I will try to go through the steps of how to create something beautiful.
I did those four lamps simultaneously, and you will notice that the patter is almost identical, the difference is mainly the form of the shade.

For this project I will be using:


wood slats
nepalese paper
light bulb
bulb socket
contact paper


various drill bits
sandpaper (100, 250, 400)

Step 1: First Things First.

Prepare the materials you will need.
Measure and cut all materials at one. This will make it easier for you, so that you will have them all ready, you save time, you will have only one mess to clean( it tends to get really messy when you have to cut and sand, etc).
<p>Could someone post the link for buying online this Nepalese paper.</p>
<p>Beautiful work... What is the use of contact paper?</p>
Hi, maybolicious.A very good job done and your instuct' is really detailed and can be understood very easely. thanks for sharing. jimbo99
Could you use rice paper or handmade paper for this project?
Hey there. <br>Yes you can use rice paper for this project. The nepalese paper that use is supposed to be handmade also, it has some specific texture on the back side of the paper. It is not dangerous to use it as long as the light bulb is not within at least two inches (5.08 cm.) distance from the paper. Of course it depends what type of light bulb you use. <br>I have see some rice paper projects where they use some kind of coating for the paper but I could not find out what the coating was. <br>
Good job!
It's very cool!
These are lovely!
Beautiful. Thanks so much! <br> <br>I love these types of lamps. <br> <br>Thanks so much for sharing your knowledge
Good designs. Excellent results. Congrats!!!
Thank you. <br>I buy it from stationer's shop or your local arts shop, where they also sell oil paints, pastels...
Beautiful! Where do you find paper for this kind of project?

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