Egg tart is one of the delicacies that can be found in most Asian countries, especially in Hong Kong, Singapore and Malaysia. Egg tart was introduced to Hong Kong as a kind of “dim sum” (snack) during the 1940s. Nowadays, egg tarts come in all kind of flavors such as milk tarts, honey-egg tarts, ginger-flavored egg tarts, chocolate egg tarts, green-tea-flavored egg tarts, and even bird's nest tarts. Although there are all kinds of egg tarts in the market, I still think that the original flavor egg tart tasted the best.
I would like to introduce this delicious egg tart recipe to those who has never taste it before and also loves pastries. Try to bake this for your loved ones and I am sure that it will brighten up their days. Although these are not as good as the ones compared with the bakery shops, but they taste the most delicious because you made them with your heart. It is made with outer crispy crust that is filled with soft, moist egg custard. The preparation time is approximately 2 hours. You don’t really have to be a good cook in order to do this because most of the procedures are simple and easy to follow. I have improved the recipe from time to time and added up some important steps on it.



A)   Crust ( 8 tarts)

·        1 ½ unsalted butter stick(1 cup)

·        2 cups flour

·        1 egg

·        150ml powdered sugar

·        ½ tsp salt


B)   Egg Custard (10-12 tarts)

·        5 small eggs/ 4 medium eggs/ 3 large eggs

·        290ml milk

·        75ml water

·        190ml sugar or less (1.5cups)

·        1 pinch salt


Equipments needed:

·        Electric mixer(optional)

·        2 large bowls

·        Measuring cup

·        Whisk

·        Tart tins or disposable muffin tins

·        toothpicks


Step 1: Melt the Butter

Set the butter into microwave and heat it up for a minute or two until the butter dissolve completely.

Note: You can either melt or use electric mixer to beat the butter until it is soft and fluffy.
thanks for the fantastic recipe - but how do you keep the custard bit not burnt?<br>also how do you keep the custard from being too 'eggy' taste &amp; look?<br>thanks
Hi! I love egg tarts and will definitely try this recipe for sure! But is the crust a flaky, pastry-like one or a harder biscuit-like one?
Mmm, i love these with a nice cuppa. I recommend giving them a light sprinkling of ground nutmeg.
Hey there, i tried your recipe, with the 1 cup of butter and 2 cups of flour as you suggested, but the dough came out really really really oily, like dripping, oozing the melted butter, is it supposed to be like that? The egg custard came out really nice though!
Ahhh! Don Tot. One of my favorite deserts. :)
where does the powered sugar come in?
oh, thanks for pointing it out! I am so sorry about that! How could I leave out such an important ingredient. I edited one of the steps already. you should add it before kneading the dough. Sorry again!
Also, how many tarts do u get with the quantity u gave us?
As for the dough, I manage to make 8 tarts. There is leftover custard in the end, so if you are planning to make more than that, that's fine.
How thick do you think the dough should be?
do you mean the thickness of the crust? Well, it should be approximately 6 to 7 mm thickness. But sometimes it is hard to estimate the exact thickness. So what I did is when I finish molding, I will scrap off a little bit of dough at the edge and check whether it is thick or not. Also, I will push the dough deeply with my finger until I touch the base of the tin to check the thickness.
Nice! You could add a pan of water on one of the free racks in the oven to humidify it so it cooks better without burning the edges or giving a hard crust on the custard.
Thanks for the advice! I will take note of that in the future!
Thanks for sharing. Im definitely going to try this recipe! I loved the Egg tarts I had in Hong Kong :)
Awesome! I love these. I'm going to try to make this when I get some time.
Very nice, I love this :D I will try adding some cinnamon and vanilla to the custard. Thanks for sharing :D

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