How to Make Homemade Micarta





Introduction: How to Make Homemade Micarta

Here is a short video showing how I make my homemade micarta that I use in knife handles quite often. One tip I didn't mention in the video was to use superglue to finsih the micarta. Sand it to 320 grit, rub it really well with a green scotchbrite pad (hot tip- those with dremels, chuck the scotch brite in the dremel for fast polishing). coat the handle with 5-6 coats of thin superglue, sand it at least to 320, use green then white scotchbrite (in the dremel for speed). that should give you a nice finish. attached are some examples of my homemade micarta. First two pics are a girly knife handled with pink and purple denim micarta. Third and fourth is a kitchen knife I made with the micarta in the vid, and the fifth is some with bright orange cloth. sixth is blue jean and pink jean (this was my sisters christmas present) .

List of ingredients -

- the fiberglass resin
-the hardener that will come with the resin
-and the material used to make it

Note -  I want to add that since this video was made, I now use steel plates instead of wood boards. Doesn't break, bend (to an extent) and is much flatter.



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    found this one:

    Vidio don't want to open

    The video is unavailable!

    Does the mixture cause anykind of bad chemical reaction

    Thanks for your demo..I now know all I need to know about micarta! BTW I noticed a dry cough as part of your narrative while you were working. I hope you are wearing an appropriate respirator when you can! We'd all like to see you make many more instructional videos.

    What kind of flowers are those in the second picture? They're my favorite but I don't know what the name is and I've been trying to figure it out for years now lol

    I just asked my mom, lol. She said they're Purple Statice

    I don't know, lol. they were some my Mom had sitting around in a vase a couple years ago when I did this ible.
    Sorry, wish I could help.

    I also make knives and you realy taught me somethin new today.
    Thanx man ! Great Idea !