This for those of you that are begginers at Minecraft and need stuff to put in your house.

Step 1: TV

things needed
a painting
a wall

Step 2: Place a Painting

Place a painting and in a house build around it to make it more noticeable.This is great, because you can change paintings when you want to change the channel. This is very easy to do

Step 3: Couch

Things needed

Step 4: Place Stairs

Build two edges for the couch sideways and place stairs normally in the front. This will go great with the TV!!

Step 5: Lastly Fridge

things needed

Step 6: Chests

Place down your chests one on top of the other. Then go in front of it with your back to it and place the door.
I've never seen a fridge made that way! Great idea!<br>

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