Picture of How to make huge posters.

Featured, front page on 4/06/08! :-)

This Instructables shows you how to make huge posters, with just an image in JPEG format, a computer, printer, and tape.

Let's get to work!
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Step 1: Items.

Picture of Items.
That's it.

Step 2: Get your image.

Picture of Get your image.
Get any image, just make sure it is in JPEG format.

For an example, I am using the Instructables Robot for my poster.

Yes, it is in JPEG format.

Step 3: Go to the website.

Picture of Go to the website.
To start, go to this website, and click Step 1.

If you're too tired/ lazy to click that link, click this link. It will automatically take you to Step 1.

Once you get there, click the "browse" button, and upload your image.
Then, click continue.

Click the little "i" in the top left hand corner of the image to see it full size.

Step 4: Changing stuff around.

Picture of Changing stuff around.
Now you have the chance to edit stuff around.

Set the thing to Letter (US) if you have letter sized paper (that is the normal one everybody uses.
If you use A4 paper, obviously, click the A4 thing.

Set it to Portrait or Landscape, whichever type you like.

Now, there should be something like this:
< (a number should be here) > pages wide
Example: < 3 > pages wide

Edit your image until you get it the way you want, and then click "Continue".

I decided to make my robot a portrait, 2 pages wide, as I did to my teacher's classroom...
Yes, I set it to A4.

Click continue, then move on.

Step 5: PDF downloading time.

Picture of PDF downloading time.
Now is the ultimate hard part: downloading.
Obviously I'm kidding.

It should say Congratulations, blah blah zakawakacha, and stuff like that.

They should give you a link to a PDF you download that contains your image.
I recommend you check out your image at 100% to see what it will look when printed out, so it will look nice and not all pixelized.
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devicemodder made it!6 months ago

i kept the white on 2 sides as a place to put double sided tape to stick paper together.

first image is the poster, second is the original, dvd cover sized photo. yes that is a roll of tape next to the photo. measures 1.9ft by 2.8 ft


made using blockposter

I can make my own gorillaz poster now!
I used Rasterbator, but I thought I'd post this anyway!

I'm agree, Rasterbator is great, I like it! It creates images from large dots. It is an interesting art technic, but when I need to print exact enlarged image, I use this poster printer.
I once saw a newspaper where someone (obviously with money to burn) took out a huge ad that was just happycat overlaid with "OH GOD HOW DID THIS GET HERE I'M NOT VERY GOOD WITH COMPUTERS"
measures about 5 feet by 5 feet, 30 pages of letter paper. only wasted 1 sheet, yay!
Haha, that is awesome! I think I might do some internet meme posters...
gurminder862 years ago
nice thing ,
picasa make it easier
gurminder862 years ago
If You want a poster of favourite wallpaper, just download from net then open with picasa , select the create button then click make a poster and you can do it as big poster you want then print it paste it
Tilian4 years ago
While Rasterbator is certainly better for creating huge image posters, BlockPosters is pretty awesome for making a huge QR code poster.
jibatsu5 years ago
Ha Ha 15 sheets 5x3 A4 of lol face above my bed
pestan6 years ago
pestan6 years ago
Yea what do i do if i dont have Hands?
jogan6 years ago
this was a great one. good job.
detti6 years ago
wow nice! hmm but maybe it'll look better if you tape it from the back of the picture..
egriff6 years ago
I've done this for dnd maps.
Bryandav7 years ago
Love this, thanks for the site! Made a kitty poster for my office!
GorillazMiko (author)  Bryandav7 years ago
I didn't make the website. I don't work for Instructables either. But I help out a lot. And cool, do you have an image?
quick question: Why is there a KFC bucket on your head?
GorillazMiko (author)  szechuan536 years ago
To to Google. Type in Buckethead.
Please tell me thats not you.
GorillazMiko (author)  szechuan536 years ago
;-) No, it's not.
thank god...
he wishes he was buckethead, many people think he's the best guitarist today.
you dont know who buckethead is? i pity you.
what do you help out with?
I'm cracking up at the tape on your moniter, I don't know why.. It's just so amusing!!!
doublejosh6 years ago
Might I recommend rasterbator (

There is an online and download-able version. It also turns your images into an array of dots to deal with the enlarging quality issue.
that link is wonderful!thanks for the link it's just what I'm looking for!
yeah, I have that. behind me at this moment is a 5 sheet by 4.5 sheet poster depicting a man working underneath the text "THE MAN CAVE". it's basically amazing. I also used it to make a shield for and english project.
emmjul6 years ago
Do you know anything similar for really big pictures? My picture (12757x1959) is just too big, for the webpage.
OH MY GOD!!!! What freakin picture is it???? Thats huge!
It's a 180° turn, out of 11 10MP pics, it would be so cool to print something like that on 10 lettersize papers ;-)
wow sounds uber 7331! can u send me it? how big is the file? pm me for my email.
GorillazMiko (author)  Flumpkins6 years ago
Probably a long banner. There's a couple on google...
just open gimp or photoshop or even mspaint. there should be something there that resizes it. make sure you do the math the keep it proportional.
GorillazMiko (author)  emmjul6 years ago
Just edit the image and make it a little smaller so it's under 1 megabite.
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