How to Make IPhone Speaker





Introduction: How to Make IPhone Speaker

This "iPhone speaker" is made of a paper tube and cups.

I can make it very easy!

Step 1: Materials

・a paper tube

・two paper cups

Step 2: Make a Hole

Make a hole in the paper cups with a utility knife.

Step 3: Put the Paper Tube

Put the paper tube into the hole.

Step 4: Make a Hole for IPhone

Make a hole to insert iPhone.

Step 5: You Finished!!

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Cool, this can save power

Cool I wish I could do that

Owh... I want make this.

عالیه، ساده و جالب در عین حال کاربردی هست

It does work, but as many will realize, it'll only be in MONO output, not stereo. (since you're only using the single output speaker of the phone.) This idea goes all the way back to the Edison Gramophone, which used a metal disk into a horn to amplify the sound. Still a good idea if you want a little louder sound from the tiny speaker. I've even seen some pimply put the phone over a bowl of a mason jar with similar effect.

Yes! It is MONO!! Thanks!!

Brilliant and simple and inexpensive and easy! I love it. Thx. :)

I make it in various ways from now on! Thnank you! ;)

neat idea! i'm going to try it with a larger sound sound source and larger cups.