would you like to impress your friends and make it look like you can draw awesome pictures on the computer, heres how!

note: these pictures are not going to be SUPER AWESOME, but if you CANNOT draw for you life, then this will help.

Step 1: Get the Goods

ok for this you will need a (Free) program called "Ghost Mouse 2.0" if you have it great, if you do not, i added it to my server (I have a very low bandwidth count, so if it says i have exceeded it, just use google) but its here anyway: http://www.tyler.f-sw.com/gmouse.html
Sweet... Is that the Masters of Hardcore logo?
yeah, i think so.
Nice! I used a method similar to this to impress my parents. I started off with an image from the web, then instead of using Scary Mouse, I used a Printer, printed out the image, and told my parents I'd painted it. I scanned my original work of art (see below). Not bad huh!
sounds good! my parents know i can't draw so, when i use ghost mouse, you can make it look like someone drew it XD.
its a sideways face, its squinting XD its kinda like "lol" but a face.
Gotcha. ||-o
lol nice, i knew a guy that use to do that, he'd print them off, or he'd steal his brother'sketch book, claiming that he can't draw when people are around. what a load of bs. lol, i hope you didnt show them the mona lisa

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