In about ten minutes, you will own the secrets of JELL-O shot making !

A JELL-O shot is possibly the most entertaining of all drinks and despite what some may suggest, it is awfully simple to make.

Note for those of you who are not familiar with JELL-O shots:

A JELL-O shot is a portion of JELL-O which contains a very high level of alcohol. Swallowing chunks of this JELL-O is an entertaining way of ingesting a generous amount of alcohol without the pain of tasting it.

Step 1: What you need


a) 1 box of JELL-O powder
b) 1 cup of boiling water
c) 1 cup of ice cold alcohol (the colder, the better)
Note: For the demonstration, I used plain 40% alcohol, but it works just as fine with vodka or rum.


a) A big bowl
b) Any kind of container you want to serve your shots in. (I recommend plastic shooters or plactic cups).
c) A measuring cup that can measure at least 1 cup.

Can you use tequila?
<p>I used tequila but I mixed it with half lemon and half lime jello ( I find the lime jello too sweet by itself). It worked great!</p>
<p>I used tequila before when making margarita ones, with green jello. Its better to use a half cup of tequila, a half cup of cold water, and a full cup of boiling water because I used a full cup of tequila and they were too strong.</p>
I've never tried it, but for all I know, I don't see why it wouldn't work... If you decide to try, keep us posted!!
<p>Love it, will make some for my next party ! Great recipe thankks</p>
<p>lol very good</p>
<p> Great recipe:) The reason for the super cold alcohol is because the boiling water you add (100c 212f) is greater than that of alcohol (78c 173f) and would evaporate all of the good stuff:) Thank you for the great recipe!</p>
I always love trying different recipes, try these out there some of my favorite <a href="http://howtofixstuff.blogspot.com/2012/01/how-to-fix-various-jello-shots.html" rel="nofollow">http://howtofixstuff.blogspot.com/2012/01/how-to-fix-various-jello-shots.html</a>
Thought you guys might be interested in this. It's an article about how the Jell-o shot was invented by Tom Lehrer, a musical satirist. The story goes, he was in the US Army from 1955-1957 and invented Jell-o vodka to circumvent an army policy against alcoholic beverages.<br><br>http://www.sfweekly.com/2000-04-19/news/that-was-the-wit-that-was/
do you like have to dig them out of the shot glass when you eat it, or do they come out and you eat it as a jelly thing?
If you spray your shot glasses (preferably the plastic variety) with a little bit of cooking oil spray they slide out really easily, and providing you don't use virgin olive oil there is no unwanted flavour either :)
Most of the time, i do it in standard freezer ice tray and scoop them out effrotlessly... Also, i will often just have it in a large bowl and pass spoons around... Lots and lots of fun!!!
Lmao I love this, Gott to make some now!!
I tried the version of jello shots and found them to be a bit runny. they were very stiff and i tried to make them in an egg shaped jello mold but they just sloshed all over the place. any idea on how to make them more of a "jiggler" consistency?
just wondering whats the consistancy of your jell-o? i have only made jell-o shots once and they were too hard. i did however use mostky vodka in the mix. they were still fun to eat
When I do it it's just the same as the kid's stuff.
<a rel="nofollow" href="http://www.howtomakeajelloshot.com">How to make a jello shot</a><br/><br/>Good info on jello shots, and a ton of drinking games to go along with them. Got to love em.. hehe<br/>
is this basicly lyk jelly wid vodka?
Right on buddy!!
Awesome! I am going to do this for my halloween party, but I just saw another instructable on how to make UV reactive Jell-O. The two together should be great!
sweet man thx

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