How to Make Jello Shots

Step 2: What you have to do

Picture of What you have to do
1- Empty the powder pouch into the big bowl.

2- Add 1 cup of boiling water.

3- Stir vigourously until the powder is completely dissolved.

Note: Step 3 is crucial if you want to avoid the awful skin that you find sometimes at the bottom of your JELL-O... I heard stories about people that actually LIKE this skin.... I think it's gross.... we used to call it "JELL-O placenta" )

4- Add 1 cup of ice cold alcohol.

Note: The colder your alcohol is, the better the result. I think this has to do with the activation of the gelatin. Personally, when possible, I keep the bottle of alcohol in the freezer for several days before making my shots. Don't beleive the skeptics: the bottle won't blow up!!

5- Put the precious mixture in the containers you want to serve the shots in. Sometimes I just leave it in the bowl and then I eat it all at once... I gues you can call this a JELL-O shotgun!!!

6- Put it all in the refrigerator for a couple of hours. Here you will have to check once in a while if the jelly has set because the exact time needed depens on the containers you use and the "weather conditions" inside your fridge.

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dchrenek1 year ago

Great recipe:) The reason for the super cold alcohol is because the boiling water you add (100c 212f) is greater than that of alcohol (78c 173f) and would evaporate all of the good stuff:) Thank you for the great recipe!