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You need jumper wires? Your local shop doesn't sell them? You don't want to wait the mail order to arrive? So make them yourself!
Step-by-step instructions how to make male-female jumper wires.

Step 1: Gather Up All the Parts

First, gather up all the parts:
- Some heat shrink
- Some wire
- Wire cutters
- Soldering iron
- Male header pins

Hi there, great post, and exactly what I was looking for. I need jumper wires, but I need them to be 10 feet long. I'm connecting one end to an LED strip, and the other end to a Raspberry Pi in the next room. <br> <br>Any suggestions on the type of wire I should buy? <br> <br>Thanks much, <br>Sam
Hi! Use one threaded copper wire, plastic coated, maybe ask your local reseller about this!
<p>Thanks for the info. I need five long jumper wires for triple axis accelerometers and am having an impossible time locating the length of jumpers needed. Single threaded plastic coated copper wire. Awesome. Now, I just hope the signal strength is not hindered due to length. </p>
Hey does it make any difference if I dont connect male header pin
<p>I doubt it makes a difference. Contact is contact. </p>
Where can i find wire?<br>
Hey, is it necessary to attach that male header pin?? I mean if it directly enters my breadbard then should I attach that pin or not..
<p>nice,this is the one i looking for</p>

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