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In this Instructable I'm going to show you how I use a Sublimation Machine to print and etch large PCBs or multiple board.

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Step 1: What is a Sublimation Machine!?

Picture of What is a Sublimation Machine!?
First, 99% of people will be asking "what is a Sublimation Machine".........and its a good question!

A Sublimation Machine is a heat press for transferring onto many flat surfaced items, such as fabric, metal, wood, ceramic & glass, etc.

But, is commonly called a "T-shirt Heat Press" as it is most commonly used for printing onto garments!

They can be easily picked  up on popular auction sites for as low as £80 ($100) for a very basic models.

Step 2: What are you going to need.

As we are basically using the toner transfer technique of PCB making this will be very familiar to many of you who make your own PCBs:

A Sublimation machine.
A laser jet printer.
A Copper laminated board.
A Glossy magazine paper.
A container of water that is large enough to submerge your copper board.
A sheet of craft felt that will cover your copper.

Step 3: Setting up the sublimation machine.

All sublimation machines will have two setting; Time, and Temperature.

For printing PCBs, Iv found the best setting on my machine is 190°C for 60 may need to tweak your settings. 

(Now this is one of the huge advantages with this technique, sure you can print large PCBs with just using a domestic iron and the  toner transfer method.....but can you print upto 38X38CM baroads in 60 seconds with a domestic iron, no!)

Step 4: Let's make sandwiches!

Picture of Let's make sandwiches!
Right, lets go!

Step 1: Print your artwork onto a sheet of glossy magazine paper.
Step 2: Place your copper board copper side up.
Step 3: Place your artwork on-top of your copper board.
Step 4: Place the sheet of craft felt onto of the artwork and copper board.
Step 5: Press in the machine for 60 seconds, at 190°C.
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