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In this Instructable I'm going to show you how I use a Sublimation Machine to print and etch large PCBs or multiple board.

Step 1: What is a Sublimation Machine!?

Picture of What is a Sublimation Machine!?
First, 99% of people will be asking "what is a Sublimation Machine".........and its a good question!

A Sublimation Machine is a heat press for transferring onto many flat surfaced items, such as fabric, metal, wood, ceramic & glass, etc.

But, is commonly called a "T-shirt Heat Press" as it is most commonly used for printing onto garments!

They can be easily picked  up on popular auction sites for as low as £80 ($100) for a very basic models.
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First off, thank you for this awesome tutorial! Your boards look fantastic.

Do you have a preferred method for double sided copper boards? I have all the similar tools (including a heat press). After withdrawing the boards from a water bath and removing the remnant magazine paper; the traces look noticeably blurry. Could this be due to excessive heat? Any advice will help. Cheers!

icecreamterror (author)  aloya34 months ago

Hello aloya3,

Are you using a bit of felt on top of the paper? I only ask as I get really blurry lines if I don't use it. you could also try using a little less pressure and heat.

For double sided, I used photoshop to put a space the same size as the thickness of my board between both sided and fold along those lines and put it the press for seconds each size.

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Icecreamterror are you the creator this images if yes can i take the permission to use one of them .

icecreamterror (author)  zeem4114 months ago
yes, help yourself!

Kind regards

Thank You So Much

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lol thanks