Step 10: Changing line colors and widths

Picture of Changing line colors and widths
engraving line colour.jpg
Engraving line weight.jpg
cut line colour.jpg
cut line weight.jpg
To make sure the laser-cutter cuts and engraves the right bits of the decoration, you'll need to change the colors and widths of the lines you've already drawn. To change the colors and widths you'll use the 'Fill and Stroke' dialog box which you open from the 'Object' menu.

Give the butterfly pattern an engraving color
Select the butterfly grouping with the pointer tool. Change the stroke color to Magenta (RGB, 255, 0, 255) and set the line width to 0.003mm.This tells our laser-cutter to engrave lightly into the surface.

Cutting out the Pendant
We can now tell the laser-cutter what parts we want to completely cut-out. Cutting lines need to be set to a stroke color of blue (RGB, 0, 0, 255). Set the line width to 0.003mm.

When you change the cutting lines to 0.003mm you may not be able to see them on your screen anymore. Don't worry, they are still there - if you zoom in you'll be able to see them.

Finally, group all your shapes together. To do this, select the outline of the bell, the hanging hole and the twinkle, then group them together (go to menu option: "Object > Group").