Step 18: Inking the engraving

Picture of Inking the engraving
Wiping Ink.jpg
The laser cut parts will come with a paper backing on them. It is a good idea to leave it on to keep the back as clean as possible.

Cover the laser cut part in ink. Use circular brush strokes to work it into the engraving.

Using the rag, wipe of the excess. Some ink should stay in the engraving and the rest should wipe off easily. Sometimes it may take a few goes to work the ink in to a suitable level.
KoLAddict7 years ago
I'm having a hard time getting the ink to go into the engravings, instead, it prefers to go in the spaces in between shapes. also, the acrylic on the front isn't smooth, so I guess that's why.
danemery (author)  KoLAddict7 years ago
What type of ink are you using? Did you make the same design as was in the Instructable or was it your own design? Perhaps it might work if you let it dry a little before rubbing it off.
I'm using waterproof ink, on a different design, but the front wasn't flat acrylic, it was kind of scored.