Step 7: Adding a hole

Picture of Adding a hole
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In this step I need to create a hole so that the Pendant can be hung from a chain.

I start by creating some guides so I know that I will be getting the hole in the middle of the shape. I click and hold at the side of the screen on the page rulers. I then drag guides out and position them roughly where i want them. I double click on the guide and a dialog box opens that allows me to edit the value so i can define exactly where they are. I enter the value to the nearest 10. I then reposition the rectangle so it snaps to the guides.

(You can edit your guide properties by going to File:Document Properties and adjust the snap sensitivity)

I create a 3mm circle which will be the hole in the Pendant. I drag another guide onto the screen. This guide is to centre the hole. I know the circle is 3mm so I set the dimensions for the guide 1.5mm off the center of the rectangle. This way when i position the circle on the guide it will be in the middle of the rectangle.

I drag another guide which I set 2mm down from the top of the rectangle and then reposition the circle so it is on the guides.

Zoom out and group the circle and the rectangle.
KoLAddict7 years ago
how do you make the guides on the top and left sides measure in millimetres? they only measure in pixels for me.
danemery (author)  KoLAddict7 years ago
When you create a guide you double click on it to bring up the editing window. There is a little drop down box on the right which will allow you to change the guide units to mm.