Replace old incandescent bulb with leds,homemade led lamp made of 8 pieces 1 watt leds connected in serial array,one array have 5 leds,other have 3 leds.Total 8 watts of led light replace about 60 watts  incandescent light.

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<p>Hi! I want to replace a 40w florescent tube light in my kitchen with more or same amount of light as the tube rod from 220v AC. kindly enlighten my way.</p>
good idea, what is paste or glue you using stick LED , can use hot glue ? <br>Thank you
I havent done the thing but im sure the paste is Epoxy glue, or A B glue, you must mix the two then use as normal glue, super hard. <br>I also use glue gun to glue my LED, no problem so far friend!
Very nice! Where would you get those LED's I am not that great with electronics so how would i determine what power these need and the resistors needed. <br> <br>Thanks!
The leds are 1w each and i have buy from ebay,1w leds work on 3.3v and pull about 300mah current,on google there is led calculator for single and serial schematic.
Awesome Thanks Bro! Your a smart fella!