How to Make Lucky Paper Stars





Introduction: How to Make Lucky Paper Stars

Make 3d paper stars from stripes of paper!
**Warning: Making paper stars is addictive**

I've always wanted to know how to make these, but couldn't understand how until a friend of mine showed me, that's why I made a video (see step 5) to clearly and simply illustrate the process.

The first three steps are about how to obtain paper stripes, the fourth and the fifth are about how to make the stars.

Step 1: Obtaining Paper Stripes: Buying

You can buy ready-made paper stripes, they come in lots of colors and patterns, just type "lucky star origami paper" in google and you'll find a few online stores.

If you're just learning how to make these I would recommend you start with paper stripes that were made using step 2, which are the easiest stripes to fold.

Step 2: Obtaining Paper Stripes: DIY Easy

A4/Letter notebook paper, preferably yellow and without holes (like the one in the picture)

Tools for method A

Tools for method B
a ruler
an exacto Knife
a cutting board

Method A:
Take a peice of paper, and using scissors cut along the lines

Method B:
Take a piece of paper, lay it on the cutting board, put the ruler against a line and use it as a guide for cutting with the exacto knife (see the second image). This method produces better stripes.

Step 3: Obtaining Paper Stripes: DIY Pro

Any paper you want, colorful A4/Letter paper, wrapping paper, anything.

a printer

Tools for method A

Tools for method B
a ruler
an exacto Knife
a cutting board

If you chose wrapping paper, or any kind of paper that is larger than A4/Letter, you need to reduce it to that size. Now print lines on it (see attached file) then cut it using either method A or B that have been described in step 2.

The wider the strip is, the longer it needs to be to make a good star.
Also, The lighter the paper is, the longer the stripes need to be.
Therefore the file attached to this step might no be compatible with the kind of paper you've chosen, so experiment a bit.

Step 4: How to Make Lucky Paper Stars: the Diagram

the pretty paper stripes in step 1 came with this little diagram, it's useful, but not that clear. I'd recommend you to look at the diagram and then watch the video in step 5.

Step 5: How to Make Lucky Paper Stars: the Video

Something I didn't mention in the video: the last step of pushing against the edges is a bit tricky and it might take you a few stars to get it right, but don't give up!



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I love these stars but white paper is so boring and I refuse to buy the strips on principle (aka I'm cheap). The line template to print on the back of wrapping paper is genius!

Been looking for these for a long time.. Thnx!!

Happy little stars!


Got it on my 3rd try! The dimensions of the strip really do matter.

Thanks for the instructions. My daughter has wanted to make these for a while now and your video really helped.

Wow! I can't believe I hadn't learnt this before. They are beautiful and very easy to make! Thank you, wonderful instructable.

i held my 33rd birthday dinner party in a nifty location on the hills over here and the party theme was stars. i looked after an easy but impressive table decoration and i went for your instructable - i had plenty of blue stars all over the table and the guests were so impressed! i mean, it took me like a whole afternoon but boy was it worth it! thank you!!!

There was this craze at school for these, I joined in! I just love these stars. So pretty, easy to make, and even easy to mess up!

i did it! nice instructable


I understand it just fine. No worries.

Done. Lots of them. Thanks.

im soo confused i think i got it but idk i got lost at the wraping part

i tried like 8 times, is there any special kinda paper you use or is it just normal printer paper?

1 reply

I normally use printer paper and you I got a pack of colored printer paper then print out the dashes on it and it makes them look cooler and cheerier especially if you do more than one color.

Can you do this with regular paper not just origami (sorry if i misspelled it) paper?

2 replies

I've always used regular paper and they've come out fine. But I haven't ever used origami (yes you spelled it right) paper so I wouldn't know if it's any easier.