Introduction: How to Make Mazes

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i got really bored in my Social Studies class last year (8th grade)
so i took some graph paper, and started making some random lines, and somehow, a maze appeared!
some credit goes to Cait Wolters (if anyone knows her)

Step 1: Stuff You Need

some nice, heavy graph paper
I used mead 4 quadrille graph paper
if you have thin paper, the colors may bleed through
markers, in many colors (if you're making lots)

Step 2: Start!

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Start by making the boundaries for the maze
Usually, i work off a normal, rectangle shape because I can fit the max amount in it
Don't forget to add entry ways

Step 3: Continuing...

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Now, just start putting random lines in.
When you're making this, make sure that even if you make a lot of "branches", one of them HAS to lead to the exit.
The trick is, the more branches, the harder.

Step 4: Maze Techniques: the Spiral

Picture of Maze Techniques: the Spiral

One of the traps you can make is the spiral, and it's relatively easy. Although easily avoided, it's entertaining the first few times someone gets stuck in them.
So, you start by making a box.

Then make the 2 lines as such.

Then 2 more.

Again, 2 more and you've finished a spiral.

Step 5: Maze Technique 2: the Stepcase

Picture of Maze Technique 2: the Stepcase

It looks like a stepcase, so that's what i'm calling it.
Start by making the zigzaggy line.

Then, make another zigzag line parallel to it (my geometry teacher would argue that it's antiparallel :P)

Here's where you can do whatever you want. Block it off, keep making stepcases, whatever.

Step 6: Finish

Picture of Finish

There are more techniques, but i'll do those later, maybe in an aonther instructable. Try not to do diagonal lines, it just complicates things.

In this picture, i'm partly done and the spiral and stepcase are clearly visible.

Step 7: Extras

Picture of Extras

This is my huge maze, and it uses 9 of the graph sheets. The line thing is a ruler. Then some close ups...

After, ther's a 4- and a 3-page maze.

Hope you had fun!


Eyflfla (author)2016-09-22

Here's one

calebk1 (author)2014-09-07

i make mine a different way i draw the path in pencil and then erase line to make dead ends after about an hour it was really hard

kracken42 (author)2014-03-16


mitch01 (author)2014-03-02

I made one like this, except it's more about the features/techniques/whatever.

08motooley (author)2011-08-19

tried this using techsoft 2D design there are probably other computer programs like it and i find it makes it easier (especially for correcting mistakes)

DJ Radio (author)2009-12-11

Thank you, for making the ible that helped me find this site.  I should have said this long ago, but I forgot.  This was helpful, even though I don't make mazes anymore.

spiritwolf7984 (author)2009-06-21

I think I solved it It's hard to see the lines though

erikos kostarikos (author)2009-06-17

wow ur very good i see=]

then (author)2009-04-17

here's another maze technique sort of thing:

Vertigo666 (author)then2009-04-17

Yeah, that works too

Flumpkins (author)2009-02-06

You can make your own at

grundisimo (author)2008-09-07

could you possibly add a print out of it?

Vertigo666 (author)grundisimo2008-09-07

Not sure I know what you mean

grundisimo (author)Vertigo6662008-09-09

oh what i meant was scan it or something and post it so i can try to finish the puzzle

Vertigo666 (author)grundisimo2008-09-09

Well... I don't have a scanner at home... I'll see what I can do, either at my dad's office or at the library. I will try to do that this weekend and keep you posted.

grundisimo (author)Vertigo6662008-09-11

I just got the light bulb above my head! just do what you did for the red maze.

casey321b (author)Vertigo6662008-09-09

if you get the lighting right and the camera angleled right you can take pictures of each paper.

grundisimo (author)casey321b2008-09-09


grundisimo (author)Vertigo6662008-09-09

thank you

bkberry352 (author)2007-02-06

That is so cool!!!!!!!

Vertigo666 (author)bkberry3522007-02-06

hey thanks a lot nice to know my first instructable is going so well

grundisimo (author)Vertigo6662008-09-11

first? lucky! I'm so out of ideas i had to suggest a forum topic:)

binnie (author)2007-02-06

good for sose lessons!!! lol looks fun

binnie (author)binnie2007-02-06

uhh i hate that! not the instructable the keyboard i hit tab then press enter damn This is a better waste of paper than all those notes im sposed to take!!

grundisimo (author)binnie2008-09-11

swearword lol just kidding i hear swearing a lot your are ok

Vertigo666 (author)binnie2007-02-06

yeah, i have so much notes to take English- usu. 2 pages math- 1 page a day history- 3-4 pages biology-2 apges

ultrauber (author)2008-08-18


grundisimo (author)ultrauber2008-09-09

how did you get it so you could solve it?

ultrauber (author)grundisimo2008-09-09

I went to that image in the first step then did right click - save image as. I just used paint to draw the lines.

grundisimo (author)ultrauber2008-09-11

I see young satchewan

grundisimo (author)grundisimo2008-09-11

I just barely found your comment. Sorry for answering so late

ultrauber (author)grundisimo2008-09-11

No problem.

GorillazMiko (author)2007-10-13

looks like somebody has A LITTLE TOO MUCH time on their hands... haha

Vertigo666 (author)GorillazMiko2007-10-13

Have you read the description? Losey teaches for like 20 mins and then gives us like 25 to "study".

casey321b (author)Vertigo6662008-09-09


rikkdbomb (author)2008-08-21

i made these in 5th grade and to allow lots of people to play them id put them in a transparent paper protector (basically a 2 transparencies that make a little holder for paper) and then u can use dry-erase markers to play and then erase it.

onlyonebowman (author)2007-03-01

my friend in 3rd grade used to make mazes but not as good these so now ill beat him out if he still makes thoes

Vertigo666 (author)onlyonebowman2007-03-01

you could make money selling these...

YummyPancakes (author)Vertigo6662008-07-06

Super sorry for the off-topic comment, but...
I just realized that you posted that comment on THE EXACT DAY, AT THE EXACT SAME HOUR, EXACTLY ONE YEAR BEFORE I joined Instructables. I just thought that that was kinda cool.
Again, Mega sorry for the off-topicness of my comment.

Vertigo666 (author)YummyPancakes2008-07-07

Ok, then...

Ghetto Gun Maker (author)2008-06-24

has anyone (other then you) solved it yet

Nope. One of my friends got close. (I'm assuming the big one)

Lowza (author)2008-05-23

woh that mega cool... i want one

Chuck P. (author)2008-04-12

Um... Thats.... Wow. Awesome.

Doctor When (author)2008-03-04

my... Ow! my head hurts just thinking about solving that puzzle. owowowowowowow

PyroMaster007 (author)2008-02-03

Wow, do you have alife? That looks like it took a LOT of practice. I can't make them look that good. Plus 1 to your rating for the awsome 9 page maze.

monkeyman1518 (author)2007-11-25

Nice mazes. They look awesome. Good job!

GorillazMiko (author)2007-11-20

Nice with the 9 sheets of paper, looks awesome.

darth acexxacer (author)2007-11-05

a stepcase spiral that would be cool

6 6 6 (author)2007-10-19

Could you post a shot that puts the whole blue maze in a clearly visible, focusing-on-the-maze perspective? I'd like a crack at solving that one.

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