How to make milk chocolate peanut butter cups

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This was a bit of an experiment to see if I could manage something like Reese's king size cups. I don't really like these things but my sister does and they're hard to find in the UK (and expensive).
A fairly simple task I thought - chocolate, peanut butter, sugar. Reese's list the ingredients as milk chocolate, peanuts, sugar, salt (& preservative).

The only other Instructable I could find like this is this one. The method of construction is different, but probably a bit easier if you don't want the classic cup-shape.

Thank you for the peanut butter cups, i have just eaten one, it was lush. X (verdict by SMS)

Step 1: Ingredients & other materials

Picture of Ingredients & other materials
I used:
~100g Icing-sugar, otherwise known as confectioner's sugar. This packet is white powdered refined cane-sugar.
~100g Peanut butter (smooth). This jar claims the ingredients to include 92% roasted peanuts and some salt. Yes the label does advise that it "Contains peanuts."
~200g Chocolate. Use what you like, I went for "Chocolate flavour cake covering", as this is the sort of thing my sister likes.

For making the cups, I used some "white baking cases", an improvised bain-marie and a few other common kitchen tools.

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fauge7 scubaru4 years ago
one day go to the factory and say i ate over 9000
watch them say thats impossible
I was just about to say the same thing.:)
Is it possible to make this using Nutella, do you think? That sounds like it'd be amazing.
lemonie (author)  mstevenson ii4 years ago

Yea, sure. If you see the method of making chocolate-cups, put anything you like in there.

I live in england so i usually pay £1.30 for the 3 cup pack. These instructable is perfect. I just made these for the family and they are quick, easy and taste fantastic. Can't wait to make them again :-) just need more chocolate.
farmsteader5 years ago
We are Metric Dummies, so will convert to American, All our friends on diets will freak out, and eat some!  Thanks for taking your time and effort for others, you are a Good Chocolate Egg!
metric > imperial

by far.

but kelvin > celsius
nringo mappum4 years ago
IK!!! I think teachers should have happy friendly pointers (read: overcomplicated legislature) to teach children SI Units in US.

SI = Metric + Kelvin
lemonie (author)  farmsteader5 years ago
I should have thought to convert, but the specific weights aren't that important really.

lil larry4 years ago
An easier way to make this: Simply take baking chocolate and melt it. Mix sugar and peanutbutter together and then get a cup cake thingy and stick the chocolate in and push the peanut butter in and let it sit. After it hardened then eat!
fretted4 years ago
Im gonna try making mallo cups like this MMMMMMM Yummy
lemonie (author)  fretted4 years ago

Do show us what you do!

Z.Backas4 years ago
I just made these, but made a few updates to them!
-I put them in silicon heart-shaped cups which provide support on their own
-i used organic peanut butter, but because of this I needed to use about two tablespoons of canola oil to the mix along with the sugar
The only problem I had with them was that even after putting them in the freezer for ten minutes, the organic peanut butter did not harden to the usual peanutbutter cup consistency, but still tasted great!
lemonie (author)  Z.Backas4 years ago
Yes, I wanted to use silicone - nice looking sweeties there!

loopty4 years ago
I'm American so I can get actual ones fairly easily but I've always wanted to make a less processed version, so thanks! I will have to try this!
budji35 years ago
Hi. Nice work. I love Reese's.
Question though: Do I have to pop it into the fridge after to let it set or will room temp do the work?
It will work, but the chocolate will discolor slightly. It will get a grayish coating.
Like a zombie peanut butter cup?  I think I know what the kids will be getting for Halloween...
im goin to ur house this christmas
That means that the chocolate isn't tempered correctly. You have to find the right temperature for the chocolate to be at in order for it to dry without the "grayish" color. Nothing is wrong with the chocolate though, it's still edible and will taste the same, it just doesn't look as nice.
shauden4 years ago
i make these all the time now, its hard to find peanut butter cups here in australia and omg, since i found this recipe myself and my whole family love them, so thank you so much!
pinkpanther4 years ago
Oh!!! These look delicious!!! I'm planning to use cup shaped chocolate moulds to get mini cups.
Luna Panda4 years ago
My first batch was a bit bitter because I used baking chocolate. So, I tried again with Hersey's chocolate. *V* It was AMAZING! <3
:D Now I'm going to make lots! Thanks so very, very much for this lovely instructable. <3
lemonie (author)  Luna Panda4 years ago

Hershey's would be best, but I couldn't find any.
Glad you got something nice out.

sharlston4 years ago
just made these,they failed,I melted all 200g of chocolate and put them in the bottom of the cases since you didnt mention saving any for later, :(
lemonie (author)  sharlston4 years ago
Well I had assumed that people would think about what they were doing.

Well it wasnt me it was my mum,i printed the ible out and give it to her,apparently shed never made or seen these before,they failed but there still as nice :D
I am addicted to peanut butter cups. Have been since I was a little boy. I just finished the clean up for this. I can't wait to have my first, homemade peanut butter cups! I'd better leave one for my wife.
ok, my wife has come and gone for lunch. I am never to buy peanut butter cups again, no matter how much work (and I didn't tell her how easy these were to make) this recipe is.
lemonie (author)  graeme.t.cooper4 years ago

Oh good, I thought similar thoughts.

shauden4 years ago
we have them here in australia but only in special stores. and last week i tried them for the first time and fell in love ;)
hope_19984 years ago
I am about to go down stairs at my house go in the kitchen and make me some deeeeeeeelisous peanut butter cups homemade!!! OMG!!!
Worsmt9564 years ago
mmm, i want it.
who can cook for me? i kiss you =)
This is my site - http://megaxak.ru/
your dog4 years ago
Oh yeah every time I visited my friends in the UK we brought a TON over! Thanks for the flashback, those look good!
Zion_Sphere5 years ago
we don't have these in the uk but I am drooling like a fountain of biscuits, pure kitchen dreams :)
Drooling like a fountain of biscuits... I might use that sometime. :)
We do you just have to look for them
dlewisa4 years ago
I have never liked the powdered sugar and peanut butter mixture used in these. Aside from always being too sweet I always think (though it might be imagined) that I can taste and feel the 10% corn starch in the powdered sugar. Check out the chow.com recipe for these. Theirs is the closest match I've found for that Reese's taste and texture. The texture is spot on, but the taste is still not quite there. At least they are not cloyingly sweet.
Xamith4 years ago
I just made something similar with white chocolate, thanks for the inspiration!
missylim5 years ago
i used smaller baking case...& used a ferror rochers tray to hold the cases...but having problem melting my chocolate...it became grainy...any ideas why?
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