How to make milk chocolate peanut butter cups


Step 4: Finish

Picture of Finish
To finish the cups, add a spoon of chocolate to the top, give a bit of a shake, and let them cool.

With a bit of practice I could do better, and so could anyone else. But the things worked, I ate one it was just fine (and I don't really like these things).

I made 10 cups from the ingredients, they'll be ~40g (twice the Reese's) ~200 kcal.: they are high in fat and sugar.

Gman1063 years ago
WE SHOULD HAVE THESE IN THE UK! They look epic and really om nom nom noms. Might have to give this a try ^_^
lemonie (author)  Gman1063 years ago
We have them in the UK, that's where I am.

drakowski4 years ago
OMG!!!-How can anyone not love Reese's peanut butter cups? Just wondering. I hate peanut butter and don't like chocolate, but I love Reese's!
There's just something so good about that combination of chocolate and peanut butter!
I don't like peanut butter either, but the combination is heavenly...
Is it possible to make this using Nutella, do you think? That sounds like it'd be amazing.
lemonie (author)  mstevenson ii4 years ago

Yea, sure. If you see the method of making chocolate-cups, put anything you like in there.

budji35 years ago
Hi. Nice work. I love Reese's.
Question though: Do I have to pop it into the fridge after to let it set or will room temp do the work?
Hunter O.5 years ago
Ugh now I'm craving Reeses
DanWingo5 years ago
 These looks delicious
eblisster5 years ago
If you use the right peanut butter and chocolate, they shouldn't taste anything like Reese's. They should taste better!! 

farmsteader5 years ago
We are Metric Dummies, so will convert to American, All our friends on diets will freak out, and eat some!  Thanks for taking your time and effort for others, you are a Good Chocolate Egg!
lemonie (author)  farmsteader5 years ago
I should have thought to convert, but the specific weights aren't that important really.

hipopapi5 years ago

Ohhhhhh My Ohhhhh My !!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Lived in the states for 6 years and I had a rees's king size almost every day from my local gas station. Moved to london 2 years ago and I have managed to find resee's only ones and I was very disappointed, it wasn't fresh and it was very expensive. Hu Hu I am cooking tonight. My wife use to hate resee,s …... to much chocolate and bla bla bla , but seeing me after reading this instructable (I was so happy) she offered , that she would make them for me.


On my way to Asda................


Thank youuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


sdhardie5 years ago
You could use mini cupcake wrappers to make these bite-sized. Thanks for posting! I'm not a huge fan of them either, but they do make great party flavors.
Windknot5 years ago
I was wondering how you warmed the peanut butter mixture to get it to settle so evenly?

Looks Great!!!!  I cannot believe they charge that much for a package of Reese's across the pond!!!!

I'm assuming they specifically listed "peanuts" in the ingredients to notify anyone if they have a peanut allergy (VERY COMMON in KIDS HERE IN THE USA).