well pretty basic ways of making "millions" in runescape dont buy those stupid guides, their stupid.

Step 1: This Will Take a While But Totaly Worth It!

now your going to have to relize the price of pure essense has gone down but that doesnt mean it pointless to sell in the GE (grand exchange) heres the grand exchange history of the price of pure ess.

Step 2: Getting the Pure Ess. (mining or Murchanting)

method 1.) mine it at varrock small bank back and forth to the rune shop clicking "telaport" and then mining until inventorys full (you only have to click once to fill up with 28) then bring back to bank and repeat until you get around 5-6k of it then sell in the grand exchnage normal or if the price is at 170 sell lowest or itll never sell youll get around 1 mil. the first time i got 1.5!

method 2.) buy in grand exchnage for lowest price make sure you buy 10k of it then sell for normal price and youll have it sold in a few hours with a 100k profit this is for those who have lots of money a;ready but want to increase it!

thats were u mine pure ess the giant rock is "pure essense"

Step 3: This Step Is About Making Money for High Lvl People! Not Noobs

ok if your high enough then you can kill green dragon that look like elvrag! inturn you would get many great things from the drop like d bones and green d hide!
is it for members only?
yah, unfortunetly, anyway this is my first comment or instructable on the site for about 6 months
HA HA MINING LVL 65 AND ONLY COMBAT LVL 72 LOL..................
So? I got those same levels.
I <em>wish</em> i had those levels...<br/>
yup its taken awhile to get them :S and most of my levels are in the range of 50-60
n00b lol jk&lt;a href=&quot;http://youtube.com/peaceoutusa&quot;&gt;youtube.com/peaceoutusa&lt;/a&gt;<br/>
I'm magic lvl 32 and strength lvl 18 and attack&defense lvl 16...
Yeah... Holy <em>crap</em> that was a fast reply. <br/>
Lol it was, 2 minutes, I think that has got to be my personal best rofl.
Fastest I've ever seen.
yeah its mainly because Im bored during the summer and dont have anything much to do besides play soldier front and talk to friends on msn.
my house has a pie dish despencer<br />
i made a mil by buying 500k worth of flax an makeing all of it into bowstrings
a way i found out how to make money was to make pie shells you just buy the stuff in the ge(grand exchange) the pie dishes&nbsp;may take a long time to come in or you can just make them if you have the crafting level.
dont forget about drag imps (also magpies and ninjas) if u got high hunt, its my favorite way of getting money, like 1m an hour or more if your lucky. puro puro and whatever that island that trouble brewing is on r the best places i beleive
alright guys, finally back (:<br />
what is it 4 reg ular essence<br />
lol i play the newer runescape and i have a question. I thought there was a guy in Lumbridge that gave away free runes? I can't find him...<br />Oh and now the price of rune essence is like 60 G, where i still make a HUGE&nbsp;profit lol.&nbsp; Great way to earn money for low levels.<br /><br /><br />HUGE&nbsp;HINT&nbsp;VERY&nbsp;IMPORTANT. Go to Lumbridge and go to the Advisor. He is a ! mark on the map with no arrow. go into the basement and talk to knight dude. Say that you want to slay dragon. He says no and gives u 2 magic lamps. Each give 250 exp to whatever skill of ur choice. now i got 5 magic levels out fo em. WHOOHOO!!!
it says its broken I want those lamps!!!<br />
It didn't say it was broken for me 0.o<br />
wierd!!! I wana get down there now! i cant buy a ladder too!!
how do you climb down the lader? It says its broken at the bottom!<br />
&nbsp;with the personalized stocks up date(Hate it!),the magic tutor no longer gives free runes. instead, they are a free sample from aubury in varrocks store<br />
i bought like 583 of the pure esences for like 70k and they're not selling I'm mad!!! but Im gona wait<br />
Just go mine them, there like REALLY&nbsp;nearby<br />
oh yah I just found them!! lol thats gona help me!
&nbsp;if u r 91 rc and 57 summoning u can make 900k per hour or u can just be 1 rc and do assist at world 36 u prbly just gonna make 800k per hour<br /> also u can thieve master farmers with ardounge cape hard and glvoes of silence im 87 thieving atm and i make about 400k per hour, if u want to train ranged u can kill aviansies &nbsp;at gwd its about 500k per hour just bring bone to peaches tab to heal there &nbsp; if u want to train &nbsp;crafting just &nbsp;do bow strings with flax &nbsp;or &nbsp;gold bracelet, i have never &nbsp;done this but i tihnk its about 200k per hour and can be made at low lvl, if u want to train wc do oak logs till 60 and then &nbsp;yew&nbsp;with oak logs is about 100k per hour and yews can &nbsp;be 200k or 300k im not sure im 99 wc, also if u r 29 hunting do swam lizards near canifis u will earn about 300k per hour and good xp at high lvl do chimchompas if ur f2p u should do knight sword quest and get 30 smithing and do steel bars just buy coal and iron ores and u get i get like 200k per hour and if u r mem do cannonballs for a lot of money oh and how can i forget this fishing at fishing guild its about 300k per hour, im not sure and a lot more if u r 76 because u can do sharks &nbsp;alsou can train at catherby, and for wc if ur mem do yews at catherby beehives there r about 7 yews killing dragons is great idea as dragon bones r 5k ea and hides like 2k ea probly over 500k per hour and u must be 90 combat if u going to kill green drags at lvl 14 wilderness as revs lvl 75 cant attack you and orks lvl 105 cant also. klling many low lvls monsters is a good money as ithey drop good herbs i can reamember chaos druids and thugs lvl 11 or sometihng.<br /> <br /> good luck guys<br /> <br /> 6 years of knowledge playing that game btw im doing gold bars now lol im 78 &nbsp;smithing atm goal 85<br /> <br /> im more like a skiller so im just 105 combat but i got over 50m xp and 1770 total lvl... atm&nbsp;<br /> &nbsp;<br /> <br /> <br /> <br /> <br /> <br />
hey my acc is secsi bech ad me<br /> ...im lvl 107...i have no life
hey i play runescape 2 im payount slay add me
if u go to red dragons take magic the kill as many as u can the get the hide and the boness
but i just was doing that today it is good for money getting the pure essence
yea but im thinking theres way more ways like wc yews..
ok ppl i have like the best guide to makin money in runescape. not really a guide but a way that i use. the way is only for members and i will only post it on my runescape need to make money guide
i make easy money with steel bars not cannon balls but only steel bars 500 1000 steel brs at a time 350 700k at a time
instead of doing that sell the ores seperately.
ok il try that but what mining and smithing lvl do u hav 2 be?
Runescape is dead so Why does it matter.
Its not dead, actually there are alot of runescape players.
psh....not really have you been to the site just cus not 6m players ar eon every our anymore doesnt mean it is dead, over, no.
i agree with timator... i mean you cant exactly merchant anymore you have to work for everything i mean wtf and even if the person wants to go through with the trade it doesnt work the same and with the grand exchange everyone knows prices now and everythings all set.. you cant in a way make money without working...or at least cant make a huge amount of money i mean that was one of the nice parts of the game... i mean back when i played it wasnt that hard to get rich...you could get ess miners for you who only sold like half price of what u can sell world 1 (i had like 12 of these guys lol), lobs and big bones sorta had a range so you could merchant them off pretty nicely... oh and a part that i hate is how god armor prices went down...since im non mem theres really nothing else to buy than that and now what used to be moderatley hard to get everyone has now i mean when i bought my guthix it was 2millish zammy was i forget 3 point something? and sara was 3 point something....but back then for some reason i bought 2 sets of guthix and a santa hat lol so now a bunch of ppl have god armors...santa looks odd cause it covers hair, and you cant make any money T_T
i mostly agree-i still play though- but you can still merchant over time-- GE buy low sell high... but it is hard because all the prices are all weird now :( lost like 30m when GE came out :( kida lame lol ;)
I totally agree with you.
runescape rocks!!!!!!!!!!!!!
runescape is boring!!!!!!!!!!!!
ding 101 combat :O
yah, a few days ago i got to 100 combat :) im prety psyced lol :D i need to train more though... get my str up :S

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