How to Make Millions in Runescape





Introduction: How to Make Millions in Runescape

well pretty basic ways of making "millions" in runescape dont buy those stupid guides, their stupid.

Step 1: This Will Take a While But Totaly Worth It!

now your going to have to relize the price of pure essense has gone down but that doesnt mean it pointless to sell in the GE (grand exchange) heres the grand exchange history of the price of pure ess.

Step 2: Getting the Pure Ess. (mining or Murchanting)

method 1.) mine it at varrock small bank back and forth to the rune shop clicking "telaport" and then mining until inventorys full (you only have to click once to fill up with 28) then bring back to bank and repeat until you get around 5-6k of it then sell in the grand exchnage normal or if the price is at 170 sell lowest or itll never sell youll get around 1 mil. the first time i got 1.5!

method 2.) buy in grand exchnage for lowest price make sure you buy 10k of it then sell for normal price and youll have it sold in a few hours with a 100k profit this is for those who have lots of money a;ready but want to increase it!

thats were u mine pure ess the giant rock is "pure essense"

Step 3: This Step Is About Making Money for High Lvl People! Not Noobs

ok if your high enough then you can kill green dragon that look like elvrag! inturn you would get many great things from the drop like d bones and green d hide!



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    n00b lol jk<a href=""></a>

    yeah its mainly because Im bored during the summer and dont have anything much to do besides play soldier front and talk to friends on msn.

    i made a mil by buying 500k worth of flax an makeing all of it into bowstrings

    a way i found out how to make money was to make pie shells you just buy the stuff in the ge(grand exchange) the pie dishes may take a long time to come in or you can just make them if you have the crafting level.

    dont forget about drag imps (also magpies and ninjas) if u got high hunt, its my favorite way of getting money, like 1m an hour or more if your lucky. puro puro and whatever that island that trouble brewing is on r the best places i beleive