Picture of How to make mini basketball goal!
Hey peoples! Thank you very much for viewing my instructable! OK! What I am going to show you how to do in this instructable is how to make a mini basketball goal out of simple things that you can find all over your house. The estimated time to make this project is about 30-45 minutes. And just a tip, your goal will probably look better than mine. I hope you enjoy this instructable!
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Step 1: Getting the supplies!

Picture of Getting the supplies!
OK. There are a couple things that you need that aren't in this picture, I'm sorry, but what you need is:

1.)A block of wood, or some other material that is strong (I used a metal seat cover).
3.)A plastic bowl, or a big ring of some sort.
4.)An X-Acto knife and a Pocket Knife
5.)Some paper (about 2-3 pieces depending on how big you want your ball)

I think that's it! let's get started!

Step 2: Building the rim of the goal.

Picture of Building the rim of the goal.
If you have the ring, skip this step, this is for the bowl. Ok let's get out our bowl, pocket knife, and X-acto Knife. OK. Start off by taking the pocket knife and Stab a hole in the bottom of the bowl like I show in the picture below. Once that is done, grab your X-acto Knife and start cutting around the bottom of the bowl until you completely cut out the bottom. now I messed up while making this, that is why my rim is so small, but if you didn't mess up, don't trim yours like mine, it helps if you don't.

Step 3: Putting the rim onto the backboard.

Picture of Putting the rim onto the backboard.
Alright, time to pull out the duct tape. Now, cut 5 strips of the desired size, but try to make it about 5-6 inches. Once you have all of the pieces of tape, lay one on the middle of the rim that you just cut out. Then take two more, and on the ends of the edges of the piece of tape that you just laid down. Now this isn't necessary, but it is recommended. Re-enforce the pieces of tape that you just laid down.
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nutupww4 years ago
awesome instructable now im gonna build one of my own
frannyloo6 years ago
hmmmm, you should add that if you hang it over a trash can, you can score two points for every piece of paper you reject and crumple up.
BillyK12 (author)  frannyloo6 years ago
yeah! that's a great idea!
BillyK12 (author) 6 years ago
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hi this is awesome