In this video I will show you how to make your own modern wooden archery arrows.

You will need:
a fletching jig
feather fletches
wooden shafts
field tips (or some type of archery tip ex blunt tip, broadhead)
dip tube (you can find a link on my video on how to make one)
polyurethane wood finish
a funnel
some tape
an archery tapering tool
and some super glue
<p>Dude, this takes way too many tools and supplies. you should do one that takes materials from around the house.</p>
<p>Very true, but most people, myself included, do not have the right tools. otherwise, great ible.</p>
<p>Not interested. I do not want to make a video on how to simply make an arrow. I wanted to show others how to make a quality arrow that flies true. I think I did that. I believe that one can not have too many tools, and the right tools make a huge difference.</p>
As for the draw weight max for these arrows I have a 54# bow and I have not broken an arrow in the two years I have used them. I would make sure that I use either straight grain shafts or shafts with run off pointing forward on the bow side and not the hand side. I am sorry I can not give you an exact weight but I would say that any bow 55# and under with 5/16 inch poplar shafts should be relatively safe and heavier for 11/32 shafts. I hope this helps.
It seems that I can not reply to your comments individually so I will try it this way. It would take about $60 initially to make these because you would have to invest in an arrow fletching jig. after that it would cost around $25 to make 6 arrows with some supplies left over for next time. I get all my supplies from www.3riversarchery.com
what is the max bow draw weight that these arrows can be safely used with?
what is you approx materials cost per arrow (shaft, fletching, nock, and tip)?

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