How to Make Money at School





Introduction: How to Make Money at School

Want to make money at school? Then this instructable is for you!

Step 1: Re-sell Stuff

So, youve bought stuff and dont want it? Sell it! Do it in halls, at recess, and at lunch period.

Step 2: Sell Things Youve Made.

You can sell paper planes, square paper kites, paper claws, and notebooks.

Step 3: Sell School Supplies.

Sell pencils, pens, paper, blank notebooks, mechanical pencil leads, rubber bands, paper clips, ect........................

Step 4: Sell Trading Cards.

Sell baseball cards, Pokemon cards, and Yughio cards.

Step 5: Sell Bakugon.

Done with your bakugon? Sell them for three dollars used, five dollars new.



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    Sell candy lol! Last year I made 101+ dollars by selling warhead candy! I bought them 4 cents each and sold them fo a dollar! 96 cents profit each! Also each bag came with 200 warheads

    I made that in £200 in a week

    I'm selling gameinformers that i got bored w/t, and there selling like a charm, 2.00 each!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Gameinformers? What are those?

    It's a magazine that tells you about new games and stuff like that. 

     Thank you for the suggestion! We actually made like twelve dollars in one day from selling that kind of stuff. I will add these suggestions! Please keep them coming!

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    or lower than $10 but higher than $3 dollars if u have not alot of money

    they are real so yah