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Want to make money at school? Then this instructable is for you!

Step 1: Re-sell stuff

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So, youve bought stuff and dont want it? Sell it! Do it in halls, at recess, and at lunch period.
Pizzapie5005 years ago
Sell candy lol! Last year I made 101+ dollars by selling warhead candy! I bought them 4 cents each and sold them fo a dollar! 96 cents profit each! Also each bag came with 200 warheads
I made that in £200 in a week
I'm selling gameinformers that i got bored w/t, and there selling like a charm, 2.00 each!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Gameinformers? What are those?
 A magazine about the latest or incoming games. 

Try this link.
It's a magazine that tells you about new games and stuff like that. 
acdc1226 (author)  Pizzapie5005 years ago
 Thank you for the suggestion! We actually made like twelve dollars in one day from selling that kind of stuff. I will add these suggestions! Please keep them coming!
zitkid12 months ago

thank you this may help me on my bills

kevin_kenway6 months ago

i make hidden blades slingshots and blow pipes for $1-$5

Flippy_10511 months ago

I made more than 200 last year because of-- drawing!

Lewis72061 year ago
I used to sell pokemon. I was the only guy in my class that had completed the national dex and I could sell any pokemon (cloned using my ditto's) off: £1 for a standard, £3 for shiny or legendary...

For a kid, that was a lot of money
EtCetera1122 years ago
I tried this in 3rd grade and got sent to the principal's office...
wood wizard2 years ago
my friend sold some sweets for 50 pence each turning 150%profit each pack after some quick maths on the walk home Me and another friend worked out at his current rate he'll make around 400 quid a year. maths is below

20 p (buying price) x 2.5 =50 p (selling price) 2.5 is 250 per cent minus the buying 100 per cent is 150 per cent (profit) Times this by 5 a day (he sold five a day) is £1.50 Times the five days in a schoolweek is £7.50Times by 40 weeks that we are at school a year is 300 quid meaning he makes 300 quid a year which is a lot more than I get pocket money
mikeltv13 years ago
In high school my friend sold sodas and energy drinks to people and he got like 200 dollars in profit
goffymew563 years ago
aint it spelt bakugan because i have all of them and i have made $129 selling them
Bfrank83243 years ago
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LiftAndLove4 years ago
King Haus4 years ago
I would rather sell stuff we would use - clothes, watches, wallets, electronics? I am trying to start a company like this. I started selling watches to my friends and classmates and have been successful. Anyone who likes the idea email me at gorillahaus@gmail.com
firepup1044 years ago
Sell mini tazers for $7
Screamo4 years ago
Just beat up kids and take their money.
yesterday, I made like $10 just selling the original ninja throwing stars! Each take up 1 sheet of paper, and I sold them for 50 cents each!
ebert20115 years ago
No one pointed out that they spelled yugioh and bakugan wrong?
acdc1226 (author)  ebert20115 years ago
 I spelled it wrong! lol thanx