<p>You are aware that you used copyright protected material for your game?</p><p>Hasbro still holds all rights on Monopoly and using their images for the game might not be a smart move as it could end up costly for you.<br>Using the name is one thing, offering the original images and layouts could be seen as piracy.</p><p>Since you are not using your own images and links here I would consider to change this unless you do have the consent from both Hasbro and the owners of the images, PDF's and presentations you used.</p>
<p>thank u for telling me . I have removed the content but could not delete the instructable as I had entered it in an contest</p>
Hey you edited the post based on my question. right. If so plz credit me. Cuz im new here and want to gain popularity. plz. plz plz.
<p>as u wish </p>
<p>Thanks a lot.</p>
Hey can you make a similar instructable on triopoly. Bcuz i googled a lot but was able to just find the board layout
I could not find triopoly but instead going a very similar three storey monopoly .
I'm working on it . will upload it within a day or two .thabks fot waiting in advance <br>
Okk. Thnxx
Thnxx in advance.
Moreover i think that triopoly is not so popular so can you give the names of good monopoly-like games that can be made by ur method
Also can you post a way to make the buildings. Houses and Hotels.
<p>Technically its not free. You are paying for the ink, the paper, the dice, the cardboard, the cards, glue if you use it. Nothing in life is free that is the first thing you learn in economics. </p>
<p>OK ,it's not free so, I have changed the title to &quot;How to make a monopoly for almost no cost!&quot;</p>
now I get it what you are trying to say<br>
<p>As cool as it is monopoly is $13 at Walmart printer ink is $35</p>
you're not very good at spelling... first of all waist is the body... waste is like gone to waste, second, dice means multiple die so it would be just dice or some dice, and third, it's scaling not scailing... but other than horrible spelling this looks like I could do this! I think this would be really fun to do on spare time when bored, I can always make new ones when it breaks too! :)
BRUH. Somethings are free brochures are free this ible is free (if you have all the things)
<p>nothing is free some one spent money and effort to make it some one is paying for it even if its not you paying. just because you don't spend money doesn't mean its free </p>
Well I am 13 years old so, I still have a year to go for school to teach me that in economics. but I completely agree with you
<p>I'm not saying this inst cool or anything but it is basic economics you learn it in high school that nothing is free</p>

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