This is my first Instructable and it shows how to make any music (mp3) file sound scary using the free software tool, Audacity. An example of scary music is this video:
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Step 1: Get your stuff together!

If you don't already have it you need to download and install Audacity and the LAME MP3 encoder from this link:
And you'll also need a music .mp3 file to make scary.

Step 2: Import your audio file

After opening audacity go to the toolbar at the top and click the following: Project-->Import Audio... Find your music file and import it. If your using Audacity for the first time you'll probably have to find the lame_enc.dll file first so follow the steps provided on screen if prompted.

After importing your file you should get something in the little gray area looking like this. This is called an audio track.

Step 4: Make the audio scary

Now that you have 3 separate audio tracks click on the first one so that only it has the bluish tint on it (This means its selected). Then go to the toolbar and go Effect-->Change Pitch...
It should bring up a little menu and in the middle of the menu there's something that says "Semitones (half-steps):" with a box next to it. Enter the number 2 into that field then press OK.

Now select the middle audio track and go Effect-->Change Pitch... This time your going to enter the number
-2 into the semitone field and press OK.

Finally select the last audio track and go Effect-->Change Pitch... and enter the number -4 into the semitone field, press OK.

Then click play and wallah! Ghostly music.

For a slightly different effect you can use 3,-3,-6 for the semitones. Depending on the kind of music your using try different combonations. But to get the ghastly sound effect A,B,C A=Variable, B=-A, C=-2A.
admin6 years ago
This is a great Instructable, but you need to add a main image of the final project to the intro step. Please do that and leave me a message when you have so that we can publish your work. Thanks!
emuman4evr (author)  admin6 years ago
I added the main image to the intro step, or at least I hope I did.
tinker2342 years ago
wow that song just sounded so funny i couldnt breath and then i fell over laughing so hard thanks i think a darker song would sound cool i like it my nightmares have a new sound track form the screams of totured victims yay
cyan_shadow5 years ago
Man you are Great!!! I made the Rammstein`s Mein Teil sounds sounds scary and cool
RedFlash5 years ago
You could do that with people's voices. That would sound scary
I did this to pshycho from system of a down, it was more disturbing than scary 0_o but its an nice Instructable
Gage9875 years ago
almost died when i did this to 21 guns
bugmenot5 years ago
I did this to 'Song 2' by Blur (AKA: The Woo-Hoo song), and it sounds normal for the first 15sec (drum solo), and gets progressively weirder as it goes on. At some points, it becomes near-unintelligible. Sweet. Great 'ible, 5-stars + Favorited.
Flumpkins6 years ago
Look, I'm constantly avoiding a video on youtube, and may I know the title of the clip in the link? And perhaps the tags?
nvm, I bit the bullet and clicked it... That's weird!!! I though I got Rickroll'd. But I didn't.
emuman4evr (author)  Flumpkins6 years ago
Its scary what some things sound like...
Look, I'm constantly avoiding a video on youtube, and may I know the title of the clip in the link? And perhaps the tags?
Title: Scary Love Tags: barney scary love A scary version of the "I love you" song from Barney.
woah i gotta hear that can you upload the video elsewhere?(google video) or at least the mp3 here at instructables(i think you can upload mp3 files)
I don't own the video.
HOLY CRAP! Thats freaky...
Fizzxwizz6 years ago
Here are some of my scarys, I just made them :Dhere and here
metal-matt6 years ago
hmm i gave it a go, it work somewhat, kinda just made it sound downtuned, ohh yea i did this on myown song, i can post a link if you would like ;), but i have a music myspace for my solo project "Immortal Fire", here the URL
enjoy :D
soz lol i couldn't resist - what was the aim of "Know your guitar"....
emuman4evr (author)  metal-matt6 years ago
It typically works better for some music, and usually its a nice idea to have voice in the music.
k30006 years ago
ive got loads of audio files that are wma and audacity cant open them can you tell how to convert them to a mp3 file
emuman4evr (author)  k30006 years ago
You need to google a wma to mp3 converter. I recommend LAME.
awkrin6 years ago
lol I tried a pop-rock song and it doesn't sound like it's singing any more
PKTraceur6 years ago
I Tried this with the song Paralyzer, it sounds normal... cept it sounds like a girl.... weird
emuman4evr (author)  PKTraceur6 years ago
Did you do 3 separate tracks with the first 2 half steps higher, the second -2 half steps lower, and the third -4 half steps lower? Just out of curiosity I tried it on that song and it seemed to sound correct. However if you do 4, 2, and -2 then it sounds exactly like you described it.
no, i didnt do 2. -2, the -4... thanks for telling me!
Thaikarl6 years ago
make it even more freeky... i made 3 duplicate tracks. modified tracks 1, 2, and 3 as per instructions, left track 4 alone (so it's natural sounding.) then, select the first third of track 1 and do an Effects>Fade In. then fade in the second track, but make the selection a little longer, then fade in the third track, again, make the selection a little longer than the second track selection. then, select the forth track from about one third in all the way to the end, and use Effects>Fade out. this way, your track starts out sounding normal, then it gets weirder and weirder as the pitch changed tracks fade in and the normal track fades out. you could also do the weird track fade outs to the ends of the tracks, so your sound starts normal, gets weird and scary, then becomes normal again. cool!
spartan0946 years ago
Another good way is to slow it down and reverse it.
emuman4evr (author)  spartan0946 years ago
Already done that, gives the slow mo effect but as ghostly as this one.
Cereleste6 years ago
I tried it. It sounds amazing, thanks for showing me the program Audacity, I've been looking for a good program to use for adjusting audio, and this works great!
wow this was loads of fun! Thanks for your help.
emuman4evr (author)  spellbound life6 years ago
Yay someone actually did this and commented, I'm glad you liked it.