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Have you ever wanted to make a parachute toy? That could easily float down? A toy that would be so fun? Well here it is!

Step 1: Step One

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Here are the steps to making this fabulous toy.
First step; open the package that you have bought. Take out the light bag but be careful not to rip it.

Step 2: Step Two

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Step two; take the strings out and put them through each hole of the parachute.

Step 3: Step Three

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Step three; take out the toy and attach the other end of the strings to the toy.

Step 4: Step Four

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Step four; Attach the other string to the top of the parachute with tape.

Step 5: Step Five

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Step five; Drop it from a height at least 4 metres.

Step 6: Step Six

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Step six; Watch it float down, And enjoy!

Step 7: Extra Fun! (Optional)

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Step seven optional; For extra fun, You can colour the parachute with different crayola markers and colourful feathers it provides, and when you want to design it differently just erase it with a cloth and take off the feathers, and create a new pretty and colourful design, all over again. 


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