Introduction: Homemade Knife

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I am not responsible for anything you may do or any injury caused in the making of this knife. I must say that this idea should not be credited to me because I saw someone on Youtube do it first. These are illegal, which means don't carry them in public!
I am sorry that this took so long for an Instructable as I am working on a musket (see other Instructable)

Step 1: Materials

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You will need:
-Angle Grinder with cutting wheel
-Metal, preferably an old circular saw blade
-Various sand paper and files
-2 Sharpies 
-2 Screws or bolts
-Cup of water

Step 2: Designing the Blade

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With the blade, you must measure and think, is this enough room to fit the handles? You can design any type of blade you want, cut it out on a piece of paper and trace it on to your metal. Then cut it out with your angle grinder. Grind away all the burs. Dunk it in water. The grinder does not get the blade really hot to where it loses its edge holding temper.

Step 3: Drill Your Holes in the Blade

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Just try and drill your holes the best you can with an idea of the gap you will have if you go to far away. Drill the holes in the blade about one-eighth of an inch inwards of the side. DRILL IT!

Step 4: Preparing the Sharpies

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Now you want to get 2 sharpies like the one below. Start by getting some pliers and removing the tip and pull out the black part where its at. Remove the foam ink tube and dispose. Glue the part you just pulled out back in and glue the cap on to that.

Step 5: File and Sand Your Blade

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You can sand your blade to your own degree. Make it sharp, dull or whatever you want.

Step 6: Cutting the Sharpies

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With your angle grinder or dremel, cut a straight line right down the side, dont go fast or you will melt it. File with needle files.
Drill a hole directly in the end of your sharpie, the blunt end,not the cap. Connect the blade to your sharpies with bolts, you should understand it its pretty easy. Thanks! Comment, Rate, for more instructables like this!


fancypants23 (author)2013-07-19

didnt know these are illegal :( i carry my bear an son balisong everywhere i go

What state are you in? I think it depends on where you are at. Thanks for the comment.

padi4321 (author)2013-06-15

Nice but the handle doesn't look very nice

curious youth (author)2012-01-12

nice idea for a quick and dirty balisong.

haha thanks i just wanted to see if the sharpies would work for handles so i wasn't worried about how nice it looked

it was a good idea. if you end up making a balisong with a heavier more durable handle thats sure something id love to make

yes actually i made one for a friend and it works great. when i make my next one ill make an instructable for it. The handles are popsicle sticks but they way i put them together, you can drop it and it wont break.

Ok looking forward to it !

black hole (author)2011-11-19

Rough, but cool-looking.

ya, when i was cutting the sharpies i was using a big grinder which kinda melted them. and when i made this, it was just to see if it would work

zazenergy (author)2011-11-14

woah, cool!

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