Step 4: Preparing the Sharpies

Now you want to get 2 sharpies like the one below. Start by getting some pliers and removing the tip and pull out the black part where its at. Remove the foam ink tube and dispose. Glue the part you just pulled out back in and glue the cap on to that.
didnt know these are illegal :( i carry my bear an son balisong everywhere i go
What state are you in? I think it depends on where you are at. Thanks for the comment.
Nice but the handle doesn't look very nice
nice idea for a quick and dirty balisong.
haha thanks i just wanted to see if the sharpies would work for handles so i wasn't worried about how nice it looked
it was a good idea. if you end up making a balisong with a heavier more durable handle thats sure something id love to make
yes actually i made one for a friend and it works great. when i make my next one ill make an instructable for it. The handles are popsicle sticks but they way i put them together, you can drop it and it wont break.
Ok looking forward to it !
Rough, but cool-looking.
ya, when i was cutting the sharpies i was using a big grinder which kinda melted them. and when i made this, it was just to see if it would work
woah, cool!

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