Introduction: How to Make My Plane By: Rosstin

These are the instructions on how to build my plane.
2 skewers, 2 styrofoam plates, metal wire, X-acto knife, wire cutter, pen, hot glue, double bladed propellor, saw and a rubber band powered propellor kit.

The propellor kit will include a long rubber band, the space of the prop attached to a hook, blades for a propellor and a single hook with a space to be attached to the body of the plane.

Step 1: What You Need to Know

What you need to know:

To use hot glue you need to put a glue stick in the glue gun and squeeze the nozel.
To use an X-acto knife you put the pointy end of the blade on where you want to start cutting; then pull it down.
To use a wire cutter you put a peice of wire between the blades of the wire cutter; then squeeze the handles; after, lift the handles apart and the wire is cut.

Step 2: Step #1

First, put the two styrofoam plates on top of each other. Draw a semi oval shape with a base of  8 centi meters and a hieght of 10 centimeters. Cut it out with the X-acto knife. Now you have two of these.

Step 3: Step #2

Leave the styrofoam plates on top each other. Draw a semi oval with a base of 2 centi meters and a hieght of 3 centi meters. Cut it out with the X-acto knife. Now you have two of these.  

Step 4: Step #3

Now lift one of the plates and put it to the side. Draw a right angle with a base of 2 centi meters and a hieght of 3 centimeters. Cut it out with the X-acto knife.

Step 5: Step #4

Take the second skewer and cut the sharp tip with the wire cutter. Cut 2 pieces of skewer,(both 5 centimeters). Cut the tip of the first skewer and hot glue the the cut pieces of the skewer on to the front and end of the first skewer. The first skewer is the one that is not cut.

Step 6: Step #5

 Put a bit of hot glue in the part that has the hook atached to the space for the propellor and put it on the front of the skewer. Put the lone hook at the end and hot glue around it.

Step 7: Step #6

Hot glue the two large wings you made earlier 5 centimeters away from the tip of the skewer. Make sure to glue both wings at a 35 degree angle. 

Step 8: Step #7

Hot glue the two small elevators 1 centimeter away from the end of the skewer. Glue them at a 20 degree angle.

Step 9: Step #8

Cut four strips of metal wire about 15 centimeters long with the wire cutter. Curve the tip of each wire with the tip of the wire cutter which does not cut. Wrap each wire in front of the skewer.

Step 10: Step #9

Cut a slot about 3 millimeters in diameter with the saw and glue it where the space for the propellor is. Then if you spin the propellor the hook will spin as well.

Step 11: Step #10

Take the long rubber band and fold it into 4 ths. Then attatch the rubber band to the 2 hooks.

Step 12: Step #11

Finally, hot glue the rudder above the 2 elevators. Your plane is finished  and you are ready to fly it! Enjoy!


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