How to Make Necklace Patterns With Beads




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Introduction: How to Make Necklace Patterns With Beads

This simple project is about how to make necklace patterns with beads. You just need some brass wire and beads, a unique necklace will be created by you.

Step 1: Make a Circle

1. Choose a round container, a bottle cap or some other adminicle as you like, just round is ok. Bind the aluminum wire on the round object; leave over two tails of the two terminals and cut of the wire.

2. Loop the longer tail. using the flat nose plier and clamping the shorter tail ,coiling on the longer tail and so that it will form a complete circle and without gap.

Step 2: Tie Up the Beads

1. Take the thin brass wire and rolling several circles on the thick wire to fix it.
2. Slide a 4mm white bead and coil two circles and then string a deep blue bead and coil two circles again. String the two different color beads alternately until surround the whole inner ring.
3. Finished the outer ring.

4. Slide six 2mm seed beads on the peripheral of the deep blue beads and enclose it, and then thread through a white bead, repeat the move and enclose the whole deep blue beads

Step 3: Add on Chain

Add chain on the pendent and make ending work with jumring or clasp as you like.
Tips: while making the necklace patterns with beads, pay attention to the round adminicle, because the size of the adminicle you choose decides the size of the necklace you will make.



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    Oh, this is an awesome technique! I haven't seen something like this done before :)