How to Make Nerf Shotgun Sawed Off





Introduction: How to Make Nerf Shotgun Sawed Off

Step 1:

get gun

Step 2: 2nd

cut the barrel off at the grips end and u have got a 1/2 sawed off continue if u want a full sawed off

Step 3: 3rd

continue for full sawed off
unscrew gun.

Step 4: 4th

pull rope out
were the stock makes a U cut it then u have i sawed off it will not be as short as u think because i dont want u to mess up ur gun and complain on how MAVREV13 Messed ur gun up so cit were u want but it will be at your own risk.



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nice ible.i might try

hey dudes im not going to be on here so if i reply late then sorry
go to my youtube account and messege me, ill gladly help you out.

Rofl.... The barrel is a two piece..... Nutin some hot glue cant fix ;D

for the last step do u just cut out the rope and if you do is that all you have to do or is there more

you know this is a buzzbee gun not nerf.

yes but thats what its called on youtube and a few other sites also thats hat its called do you know the nerf doomslayer

Yes i do, the doomsayer has also spawned an awesome knex turret gun of a similar name which i like. (the doomsayer is awesome too though.)

did you know its not nerf

Yes the doomsayer is not nerf, it was handcrafted from a turret gun from a company i do not know the name of, but i have a picture of it Pre-Modified.

Doomsayer Pre-Mod.jpg