How to Make Nightwings Escrimas.


Introduction: How to Make Nightwings Escrimas.

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Hi Guys! today I'm going to be showing you how to make nightwing's escrima sticks using PVC, also please vote for me in the PVC challenge and feel free to ask any questions! Time to get started!

Step 1: Stuff You Need.

This is what you will need.

  1. four feet of 3/4 inch PVC cut into two feet sections.
  2. eight PVC couplings and two PVC caps.
  3. black or silver spray paint and acrylic sealer.
  4. a hack saw or a dremel with a cutting bit.
  5. black electric tape.

Step 2: Cutting.

Cut your PVC into four pieces of two and a half inches and two sections of two inches and one section of two and a half

Step 3: Painting.

Paint the couplings and caps black, paint the middle sections blue then apply the sealer.

Step 4: Assembly.

Put the couplings together by using the two and a half inch pieces, the twelve inch pieces and the two inch pieces. The twelve inch piece connects to one of the couplings and that connects to the two and a half inch piece and then put the coupling and then the two inch piece then the cap. Connect the coupling to the other end of the pipe put the two and a half inch piece between the two couplings Do the same to the other twelve inch pipe

Step 5: You're Done!

wrap your handles in black electric tape or spray paint them black and then you're finished! Thank you for viewing my instructable and remember to vote for me!



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Hey, I'm a little confused, are the longest pieces supposed to be 1 foot or 2 feet?

1 reply

I only had to buy couplings and spray paint

About how much did it cost for all of this? It seems pretty cost effective, and it looks legit

the couplings and pvc pipe are both 3/4 inch.


So I'm supposed to cut the two feet sections into 4 pieces? PLEASE REPLY

2 replies

Yes. you cut it in to four different pieces


So lemme get this right. I get the 2 feet sections, cut 5, 2 and a half inch pieces, then cut two, 2 inch pieces?


The 2nd step is REALLY confusing! Could you put some more pics of it up?