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This is my second instructable so I hope you like it . I am going to teach you how to make ninja mittens for free.

Step 1: Finding the materials

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What you are going to need is...
1. old pair of clean socks
2. popcan
3. scissors
4. pen and tape
5. hot glue gun
But seriously, Great 'ible!
SynicalRage (author) 4 years ago
thx for all your comments and input i'll continue to make instructables with your likes in mind.
corndawg495 years ago
coool, you made them out of socks
randomguy966 years ago
I think that plate on the back of the glove needs to be bigger, and I don't think they have the village symbol on them either. Try using some dark blue gloves. I have been trying to catch up on the Naruto series here: http://www.naruto-episode.net/episodes.html
That's what I thought the first pic was too! I'm not the only crazy one. Or am I?

jamez035 years ago
raiden4115 years ago
use leather gloves instead and bigger metal bits without the village sign
kakashi funny.jpg
tevers946 years ago
tevers946 years ago
instead of socks try using some black gloves. make sure there the cheap winter typ. that way it looks kewl and theres less work.remember to cut the thingers off
Yo, those mittens look like a chick's butt.
SomaR106 years ago
Try to use black socks next time.
You should cut some leather Outof some old work gloves and put it on the palm! Make it more sturdy! By the way nice ibl!