In this adventure we will be making some old fashion cookie cutters using some scrap I found, some simple tools and a TIG welder. Of course when you make your cookie cutters you will want to use some nice clean material.  I just used some scrap to demonstrate how easy it is to make these!  You can make tons of different fun shapes by using different types of tools and bending your metal in different ways. 

Step 1: Measuring Out Your Material

First you want to have an idea in mind of what kind of shape you want to create.  Once you have the shape in mind measure out how much material you will need.  The good thing is that if you over measure you can simply just cut the excess material off so don't worry too much about having the exact measurment.  The longer your strip of metal the bigger your cookie cutter will be.  Also determine how wide you want your cookie cutter.  I used a power shear to cut out 1/2" strips from my sheet metal.  You can also use a beverly shear or just simply buy your metal in strips.

For one of my cutters I made a diamond shape.  I marked a spot in about the middle of the my strip of metal.
Very nice. How small could you make them? I've been making pasta lately, but I like shapes. I'm always looking for tiny cookie cutters and such, but this would be even better.
More than 40 years ago I became interested in my wife because she was the first woman I had met who knew what a wood lathe is. I never expected to encounter a woman who uses a sheet metal shear and can TIG weld! <br> <br>I like your Instructable, but most of us will not be able to use a TIG welder. I was thinking if I were to replicate what you have done, I might use a MAPP gas torch to braze the ends together after I overlapped them a quarter inch or so, or maybe even some J-B Weld epoxy, or possibly even a pop rivet.
The diamond one looks great!

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