Step 2: Using a Finger Press to Make Your Shape

After I measured out my strip and marked it, I brought it over to a finger press.  This will put my bends were I need them.

To create my first bend I placed the line I marked directly under one of the fingers on the press.  Using the side levers I clamped the fingers down on my strip.  Then I pulled the lower handle up to about the degree of bend I wanted to achieve.  After the bend I am left with a V shape to start my diamond off.

Very nice. How small could you make them? I've been making pasta lately, but I like shapes. I'm always looking for tiny cookie cutters and such, but this would be even better.
More than 40 years ago I became interested in my wife because she was the first woman I had met who knew what a wood lathe is. I never expected to encounter a woman who uses a sheet metal shear and can TIG weld! <br> <br>I like your Instructable, but most of us will not be able to use a TIG welder. I was thinking if I were to replicate what you have done, I might use a MAPP gas torch to braze the ends together after I overlapped them a quarter inch or so, or maybe even some J-B Weld epoxy, or possibly even a pop rivet.
The diamond one looks great!

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