How to Make Organic Planting Pots Using Old Newspapers





Introduction: How to Make Organic Planting Pots Using Old Newspapers

This is a great way of making your own organic planting pots. The final product (ie the pots) are great for your small plants, they can be put very tightly together and when the plant is ready to be put into the ground you can plant it with pot still on. The paper will gradually break down in the ground.
On the market there are a few different tools to make this pots, this is an easy way using things you probably already own.

Step 1: What You Need

Pair of scissors

Step 2: Basic Cutting

Use your bottle as a guide to see where you should cut the newspaper. I like to cut several pages each time.

Step 3: Wrap the Paper Around the Bottle

As seen in the picture

Step 4: Folding the Bottom of the Pot

Using finger of your choice, fold excess paper towards bottom of bottle. It is useful in this step if bottom of bottle is slightly concave.

Step 5: Flatten the Bottom

Remove pot from bottle. If you look inside the pot the bottom will be raised. Use fingers or knuckles to press bottom flat.

Step 6: Fill With Soil

This is what makes the pot steady. Without soil it will disintegrate in a few second.

Step 7: Final Planting

Plant your seed, water and try to remember which kind of seed in which pot... Or make nice-looking tags.
It is useful to put the pots together as this will create a great climate for growing plants. When you water the plants the water will gradually diffuse into surroundning pots making the maintenance of pots easy.



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thank you can you use news papers in a garden

COOL!!! TY for sharing...I know that I can always count on my "instructables family" to teach me something new. TY

how do you use newspapers as mulch?

Such a good idea! I used another article online and made paper pots using PVC pieces, but this is even easier.

I am not sure how the true organic gardeners would react to using newspaper to plant seeds in. If the ink in newspaper has soy in it, 90% of the soy grown in the United States is GMO.

You can get newspaper end rolls directly from the newspaper publisher with no ink on them.

You can get newspaper end rolls directly from the newspaper publisher with no ink on them.

Very usefulll... will try with my 4 year old today... a we plan to plant some vege seeds today... great job

Thanks for sharing this creative, simple and environment friendly idea

Really like this idea. I’ve always used newspaper as mulch in my garden to keep the weeds down but never thought of this ..Thanks