How to Make Origami Doll in Kimono


Introduction: How to Make Origami Doll in Kimono

Here’s a very easy origami Doll that can be made by very small kids themselves. You can decorate it after completing folding work and paste it in your drawing book.

Time : 5 mins

Level : Beginner

Materials :-

1. Origami paper standard size (6” x 6’)

2. Black colored pen

Step 1: Making Doll's Body

1. Take a origami paper with its textured or coloured side facing away from you.

2. Fold the paper in half and unfold to make a centre line.

Step 2: Making Doll's Head

3. Fold the left and the right corners backwards to the centre line.

4. Now, fold the upper tip downward.

Step 3: Making Doll's Face

5. Fold neatly the right and the left triangles to overlap each other.

6. Turn the tip backward.

7. draw her face and hair to complete the doll.



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