Introduction: How to Make Origami Basket

Here’s a very easy origami Basket that can be made by very small kids themselves. You can decorate it after completing folding work and paste it in your drawing book.

Time : 5 mins

Level : Intermediate

Material required:-

1. Origami paper standard size (6” x 6’)

2, Scissor

Step 1: Making Basket - I

1. Take a origami paper with its textured or coloured side facing away from you.

2. Fold the paper in half.

3. Fold the left and the right corners.

Step 2: Making Handle of the Basket

4. Fold in half.

5. Make a cut and open the middle fold.

6. Fold the upper flap forward and slip it inside the pocket.

Step 3: Making Handle of the Basket -II

7. Fold the second flap backwards.

8.. Press gently from both the side to give proper shape to the basket. It will hold sweets, papers etc


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