Step 4: Flirting

Picture of Flirting
Now that you and your prospective makeout partner are somewhere comfortable, the goal is to actually make them comfortable. Make a joke. Poke their nose. Lighten the mood. Say something profound. Flick your hair wistfully. Take pictures with a fake taxidermy owl in an antique photo booth.

In short, flirt with them. The goal is to seem as appealing as possible to your partner.

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WhiteFringe.8 months ago

this was really enjoyable.. I like how you state things. This was supposed to be something that I read out of stress, but this relaxed me a lot. Great article!! keep it up!

"Flirt" is most likely not the best term to use here. Flirting is done somewhat playfully, and not used to "advance" your position or chances. I agree with the step, not the title. Perhaps "Get Comfortable".
it how they would feel to that person if they are ready and there parter is ready too so they can do it and just be your self and have a good time it away help me even I'm dating