Introduction: How to Make Page Markers With Lable, and a Reusible Dispenser

Picture of How to Make Page Markers With Lable, and a Reusible Dispenser

Very easy, quick ,and costs nothing! No more buying those expensive page markers.
All you need is the following:

> Tape
> Paper
> a pencil (or pen or marker)

Step 1: Page Marker

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Measure the width of the tape, and mark it on the paper.

Step 2: Page Marker 2

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Cut out the paper and draw on it. Get about 2.5'' to 3'' of tape. Lay the tape face up, and put the paper on so that the label is facing up.
Then just fold!

Step 3: The Dispenser

Picture of The Dispenser

Now you can work on the dispenser for all of the millions of page markers you made.
You will need the following:

> Tape
> 5 Wooden sticks
> Scissors (or wire cutter)

Step 4: The Dispenser 2

Picture of The Dispenser 2

Cut all of the sticks the same length, about 3 times the width of the tape.

Step 5: The Dispenser 3

Picture of The Dispenser 3

Tape 3 of the 5 sticks together side by side.

Step 6: The Dispenser 4

Picture of The Dispenser 4

Now take the 2 non taped sticks and tape them together ,leaving a gap, the width of 1 stick, in between.

Step 7: The Dispenser 5

Picture of The Dispenser 5

Now take the two parts you made and tape them together. (see pic)

Step 8: Loading the Dispenser

Picture of Loading the Dispenser

Put your first page marker on the base aligned with the gap.
All of the other page markers ,go on the last one's label. (see pic)


Picture of FINISHED!

Now just pull up the top one so that it is sticking out of the gap ,and now your dispenser is set!

If you want to reload it ,just take the tape off of one end and open ,and repeat step 8.



rainbowkisses (author)2010-02-12

ummm different!  by the way it is spelt  LABEL

oh, and by the way it's spelled "spelled". now I dunno if you have a different english system, but most people spell it this way anyway

A past tense and a past participle of spell

OH, now I remember.... but I vaguely remember it's supposed to go like "was/has/have been spelt" something like that anyway.

elkalpin (author)2010-02-12

oops! I made this in like 5 minutes! 

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