Step 14: A word on the mess...

Picture of A word on the mess...

Papermaking is a messy business. Water gets everywhere. It smells. It splashes. You get a house full of drying sheets.

That is part of the deal, I'm afraid. You won't be able to avoid making the mess, but you must not be tempted to ignore it!

Even if you are lucky enough to have plenty of space, enough to leave equipment stood around between sessions, you must tidy everything up - paper pulp will dry hard and crusty, and become very hard to remove. Use plenty of water to rinse everything off, and make sure you follow the dirty water down the drain with plenty of clean water to stop the pulp settling in u-bends and causing blockages.

You should even wash your hands and arms off before it dries - if you're at all hairy, rinse off quickly, as dried pulp pulls you hair when you peel it off.