Introduction: How to Make Paper Claws

*DISCLAIMER* ( I ain't responsible for you pokin out someone's eye. Your claws, your fault) This is an Instructable on how to be awesome.... Not really... But close...* Dog not included. *

Step 1: Paper..

Stuff needed.
1 hands
2 paper (go figure)
Stapler (optional)

Step 2: Wash Hands Before Beginning..

Any paper with the measurements 10×8 will work. Which is usually note book or printer paper. Take the top right corner and fold it down to the left until the part that was the top is parallel to the left edge.

Step 3: Did You Use Soap?

Take the pointy part at the left and fold it down so it makes a triangle.

Step 4: You Didn't Use Soap! Go Wash Em Again!

Now take the bottom corners and fold them up to meet the bottom of the triangle. Then fold this up and turn the tip of the triangle towards you.

Step 5: Good Job... Nice Clean Hands....

Now fold the right edge to the middle. Fold it once more.

Step 6: Become Invincible!

Now you'll be left with a lil flappy thing.. Tuck that in the side. I like to staple it in.. It lasts longer that way.

Step 7: Putting Them On

Put your finger in the hole of the protruding triangular part. Make 9 more and Ta daaaa! You're now paper Edward scissorhands! It's really fun to touch the back of someone's neck with theses on! Try picking things up with them!

Step 8: Fin


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