Step 8: Adding the Details to Finish Off Your Slippers

Here I cut out some of the flowers from the paper and glued them to the top to give it some style but have fun with adding the details to your slippers.

Have fun making the paper slippers
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Great thinking!
ha ha funny
This was so much fun! TFS!
Interesting. Very interesting! Nice blog too (bookmarked). I wonder how these would do in Tyvek. Tried it yet?
Thanks - and thanks for the bookmark to my blog too!! I have so much fun coming up with great little ideas to post here and there. Talk soon!
This is SO elegant in its simplicity. Are you submitting it for the green comp? A couple of years ago I got caught in really bad rain on the way to work and had to pad around in wet socks all day. If I had known how to do these slippers I could have been dry-shod instead.
Thanks so much - and I just submitted it to the green contest dedicated to you of- cause!!!

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