Picture of How to make party lights by LEDs
What makes a party enjoyable??? Lighting system. It will give your party a new look. In this instructable you will learn 3 ways to light up your party. According to your party you can use different lightings. They all are very low budget and very easy to make. You can also combine your lighting systems. They all operate on a simple 9v battery.
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Step 1: RGB LEDs

Picture of RGB LEDs
The first circuit is very simple. Even a baby can do this. The things that you will need to make this circuit are

Some rgb LEDs(according to your need)
9v dc power source(9v battery)

It is made by joining rgb (red, green, blue) LEDs to a 9v battery. Connect 2 rgb LEDs in series and then connect them to a 9v battery. There is no need for schematics but I'm still giving one for the noobs(no offence).

Step 2: Flashing LEDs

Picture of Flashing LEDs
The second circuit is made of flashing LEDs. It uses a 555 ic to blink the LEDs. You can use any color of LEDs of your choice. You can also mix LEDs of different colors. The things that you will need to make this circuit are

555 ic
1 k resistor
10 k resistor
10 uf capacitor
0.1 uf ceramic capacitor(104)
Some LEDs of any color
9v dc power source(9v battery)

This circuit puts the 555 ic in astable mode and it acts as a multivibrator and thus blinks the LEDs. It gives 9 volts so you will need to use 3 LEDs in series. The sets of 3 LEDs will need to be put in parallel. Fix these LEDs around the dance floor. The schematic is given in this step.
JakeThief2 years ago
A nice instructable, and a good read I thought. If I could suggest anything to you it would be to give credit where credit is due. Like in your last step, copied straight from (http://www.instructables.com/id/Music-LED-Light-Box/step6/Building-the-circuit/).

I'm not trying to tear you apart or anything, but things like that makes me (and others, I assume) question the rest of your post and any future posts. Just something to keep in mind for later postings.

Cheers, and I hope that came off as advice, not as me being an ass. Like I said, i enjoyed the read.
jumper1111 (author) 2 years ago
Thanks for the tutorial
yeah, I'd definitely agree - you could do with a resistor , they may work find but it will shorten their lifespan

on a similar subject, if you want to make some other cool LED stuff there is a stripboard layout for a LED flux capacitor HERE
Some cool ideas here! but it's probably a good idea to use current limiting resistors with your LEDs, otherwise you risk burning them out. do you know how to calculate the right current limiting resistor for your LEDs?
jumper1111 (author)  amandaghassaei2 years ago
I'm sorry I don't know know haw to but you can try googling it
here's a good tutorial