Why spend a fortune on perfume or cologne when you can make your own for cheap. Brand name perfume/cologne can cost from $50-100, why spend that much when you can create your own fragrance with vodka and essential oils.

Instead of wearing a fragrance that everyone else wears you can make your own unique blend. Your own aromatic creations also makes a thoughtful gift.

Step 1: What you need:


  • Vodka (the higher percentage alcohol the better) or Everclear if you can get it
  • Essential oils*, fragrance oils**, infused oils, even flavour*** extracts (make sure it's pure) such as vanilla extract
  • distilled or spring water
  • glycerine (this can be found in pharmacies)

Other stuff

  • pretty glass bottles to put the finished product in, preferably coloured glass, reuse bottles or find them at the dollar store.
  • glass jar for mixing fragrance in
  • measuring cup/spoons
  • a dropper if you have one
  • funnel
  • aluminum foil or wrapping paper if you are using clear glass bottles
  • a pencil and paper for jotting down your recipe
  • a discerning nose is helpful

*You can also make your own perfume oil Be a Romantic Scientist: Distill your own perfume oil.

**Fragrance oils are synthetic and are less expensive than essential oils.

***Quite a few perfumes use food flavours in them, so extracts are an easy way of incorporating them into your own creations.


<p>This is my go-to for perfume making. I've had no issue using glycerin for stabilizer. I've got vitamin E I use for making soap but I'd think that would be too thick and sticky for perfume. I've tried regular rubbing alcohol, everclear, and vodka for the base and everclear definitely works best. Thanks for the link to the basenotes directory, too!</p>
<p>I'm a teenager, so would it be illegal if I ask my mom and dad to help me with the alcohol? Of course I wouldn't drink it because that's just wrong. Sorry if this question is a little stupid, I just don't want to do anything bad. </p>
In the USA it is illegal for any person under 21 to handle alcohol. However I always ran to grab my dad a beer for him when he was watching football. Lol. Just have them watch over you and handle the alcohol. Just avoid the trouble all together. Great how to keep the info coming. I'm loving this thread.
<p>No, it shouldn't be illegal if you use it for making perfume and don't drink it, if you want you can have them supervise your usage and maintain contain control of the bottle. </p><p>But if you are worried about this, you can order perfumers alcohol online (</p><p><a>http://vetiveraromatics.com/products/perfumers-alc...</a> or there is an alcohol alternative sold on Amazon (http://www.amazon.com/Perfume-Perfumers-Equivalent-AFTERSHAVE-Strengths/dp/B00N5IBEAY).</p>
<p>I'll try to make this as nice as possible. DO NOT ADD GLYCERIN TO PERFUME.</p>
Can you elaborate. Is there any additional information like what you would prefer to use as a stabilizer. I remember reading somewhere there is a chemical to hold the sent in for longevity, and a chemical to let this sent out for a good strong smell on the body. I'm not sure if that's a secret that people want to keep but it would be fun to know this.
<p>Professional Perfumer here, I'll try to make this as nice as possible... GLYCERIN IS NOT AN INGREDIENT TO MAKE PERFUME. DO NOT USE GLYCERIN TO MAKE PERFUME.</p>
<p>I understand the glycerine helps to stabilize the scent. Do you suggest another ingredient?</p>
<p>I live in the Amazon region and am mounting fairly substantial equipment to steam (and hydro) distil essential oils from local plants, leaves, saps, fruits and nut-like fruits, but NOT woods (no destruction, no rosewood in extiction please, Death to Chanel no 5 and other perfumes that use this ingredient).</p><p>I have worked up a network of local people who collect or plant the respective inputs and thus have available supplies of ingredients to go into production with perfumes based, initially, on around 10 local essential oils.</p><p>I need help to formulate perfumes based upon such oils and others if need be to complete the perfume blend, but based principally on the marketing plus of being natural AMAZON sourced ingredients. A major plus I think you will agree as this region is a TREASURE HOUSE of innovative ingredients.</p><p>Would anyone like to participate in this effort with me?</p>
<p>Hi</p><p>I am based in Paris France and am interested in your project</p><p>my email is binadugravier@yahoo.com</p><p>pls get back to me</p><p>thank you</p>
Let me know, I am extremely creative when it comes to development.
<p>I would like to participate in this effort with you. In what area would you like my assistance?</p>
By glycerine thats vegetable glycerine? Could i use vitamin e oil instead for a spray to persevere it?
<p>Yes, it is vegetable glycerine. I've never used vitamin E for this purpose but it should be okay, give it a try. Let me know how it works.</p>
I love the scent I made, (according to your proportions), but after about 30 minutes I don't smell anything but a faint smell of alcohol.
<p>Commercial perfumes have a lot of added chemical to make them last longer. But here are some tips:http://perfumes.allwomenstalk.com/ways-to-make-your-perfume-last-longer</p>
<p>how do i speed up the aging process?</p>
<p>You can't really, these things take time.</p>
I have one fragrance oil that I absolutely love, but have no idea how to turn it into a perfume.
<p>What oils can I use if I want to mimic Chanel #5 just to be creative.</p>
<p><a rel="nofollow">http://www.basenotes.net/ID10210628.html</a></p>
<p>the link won't open</p>
Use aldehyde C12 in small amounts. You cnorder it from creating perfumes.com
<p><a href="http://www.basenotes.net/ID10210628.html" rel="nofollow">http://www.basenotes.net/ID10210628.html</a></p><p>Just go to basenotes and search Chanel #5</p>
<p>Hey, no offense, but how r u b ing creative by trying to copy a well known fravrance?</p>
<p>For educational purpose only, you can mimic chanel no 5 with aroma ingredients w/ essential oils</p><p><a href="https://www.perfumersworld.com/perfume/chanel-no-5" rel="nofollow">https://www.perfumersworld.com/perfume/chanel-no-5</a></p>
<p>Hi, very cool information, so going to give gifts to my loved ones. Also the lady who wants to copy Chanel it is creative hun, maybe not so inventive-still creative...comes from the same place</p>
<p>TY, love this!!!!</p>
Where can I find the fragrance oils at
<p>Try <a>here</a>.</p>
Hey, I love this idea! Wondering if the glycerin is what I need for the mixing of the oils, water and alcohol? So it doesn't separate... ?
<p>The oil won't mix. The glycerin just acts as a preservative.</p>
Hi,<br>How do you add something to perfume that is not oil? For example; some perfumes uses herbs like sage, or vegetables like cucumber<br>...flowers,spices,woods,resins,grasses... <br>...I mean it seems only small % of possible ingredients are oils. How do you transform them into liquid form to mix with oils? Thank you.
<p>Tinctures are made by infusing herbs or other material in alcohol as a way of extracting flavour/scent these could be used for making perfume (<a href="https://www.google.ca/search?q=google&rlz=1C9BKJA_enCA591CA591&oq=goo&aqs=chrome.0.69i59j69i60j0j69i65l2j69i60&sourceid=chrome-mobile&espv=1&ie=UTF-8&hl=en-US#hl=en-US&q=how+to+make+a+tincture" style="">https://www.google.ca/search?q=google&amp;rlz=1C9BKJA_enCA591CA591&amp;oq=goo&amp;aqs=chrome.0.69i59j69i60j0j69i65l2j69i60&amp;sourceid=chrome-mobile&amp;espv=1&amp;ie=UTF-8&amp;hl=en-US#hl=en-US&amp;q=how+to+make+a+tincture</a>) </p><p>Likewise you can make an oil infusion (<a href="http://www.instructables.com/id/How-to-make-Infused-Oil/" style="">http://www.instructables.com/id/How-to-make-Infused-Oil/</a>)</p>
I recently purchased a perfume oil it came in a nice size dram. I would like to use this technique to make a spray. Do I need to use the glycerin or can I just dilute it with vodka? What would be the ratios?<br>Thanks!
<p>You can dilute it with vodka or a carrier oil such as sweet almond, jojoba oil etc. The ratio depends on how strong you want the scent, here is a link showing different percentage volumes used in perfume products <a href="https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Perfume#Concentrations_and_Terminology" style="">https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Perfume#Concentrations_and_Terminology</a></p>
<p>I want to make my friend some perfume as a wedding present, her wedding is almost a year away. How long will this perfume last?</p>
<p>I usually use my perfume right away so I am not sure how long it will last. Store bought perfumes contain preservatives (such as parabens and phthalates that are pretty bad for you) which increase the shelf life of the perfumes. So if you make it yourself it won't last as long as store bought perfumes so it is best to make it fresh right before you give it as a gift.</p>
<p>Do people use home made liquors? is it possible? proper word is moon shine...lol to use in place of vodlka or everclear?</p>
<p>Sure you can try that, ideally you want something that is odorless and has high percentage of alcohol.</p>
Thank you I appreciate it. How hard is it to sell your own perfumes? I'm sure its a process. Perfumes summon me...the bottles that's what I see first.
<p>I don't sell my perfumes I just make them for my self or as gifts.</p>
<p>Do people use moonshine? not sure if its legal but just curious.</p>
<p>can you use a whiskey/bourbon as base? how would I incorporate a pipe tobacco into this formula? any guidance is appreciated!!</p>
<p>Vodka and everclear (or perfumers alcohol) is recommended because it is relatively odourless, but if you want to impart the scent of bourbon/whiskey to your cologne that sounds great since the alcohol percentage is fairly similar.</p>
I have all the essential oils base heart and top from that site you posted that imitates brand name colognes . how would i know how many drops of each to put it?
<p>If it doesn't explicitly tell you how many of drops to add you will need to experiment. As a rough guide add 3 drops of the top note, 2 of the middle and 1 of the base -try this ratio.</p>
I would think the exact opposite.
<p>my sister wanted to make it so she was asking that can see use lemon grass</p>
<p>Sure you can use lemongrass.</p>

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