Step 2: Preparing bottles

Sterilize the bottles and jars in the dish washer, especially if you are reusing bottles. They need to be clean and sterile.
I have one fragrance oil that I absolutely love, but have no idea how to turn it into a perfume.
<p>What oils can I use if I want to mimic Chanel #5 just to be creative.</p>
<p><a rel="nofollow">http://www.basenotes.net/ID10210628.html</a></p>
<p>the link won't open</p>
Use aldehyde C12 in small amounts. You cnorder it from creating perfumes.com
<p><a href="http://www.basenotes.net/ID10210628.html" rel="nofollow">http://www.basenotes.net/ID10210628.html</a></p><p>Just go to basenotes and search Chanel #5</p>
<p>Hey, no offense, but how r u b ing creative by trying to copy a well known fravrance?</p>
<p>For educational purpose only, you can mimic chanel no 5 with aroma ingredients w/ essential oils</p><p><a href="https://www.perfumersworld.com/perfume/chanel-no-5" rel="nofollow">https://www.perfumersworld.com/perfume/chanel-no-5</a></p>
<p>Hi, very cool information, so going to give gifts to my loved ones. Also the lady who wants to copy Chanel it is creative hun, maybe not so inventive-still creative...comes from the same place</p>
<p>TY, love this!!!!</p>
Where can I find the fragrance oils at
<p>Try <a>here</a>.</p>
Hey, I love this idea! Wondering if the glycerin is what I need for the mixing of the oils, water and alcohol? So it doesn't separate... ?
<p>The oil won't mix. The glycerin just acts as a preservative.</p>
Hi,<br>How do you add something to perfume that is not oil? For example; some perfumes uses herbs like sage, or vegetables like cucumber<br>...flowers,spices,woods,resins,grasses... <br>...I mean it seems only small % of possible ingredients are oils. How do you transform them into liquid form to mix with oils? Thank you.
<p>Tinctures are made by infusing herbs or other material in alcohol as a way of extracting flavour/scent these could be used for making perfume (<a href="https://www.google.ca/search?q=google&rlz=1C9BKJA_enCA591CA591&oq=goo&aqs=chrome.0.69i59j69i60j0j69i65l2j69i60&sourceid=chrome-mobile&espv=1&ie=UTF-8&hl=en-US#hl=en-US&q=how+to+make+a+tincture" style="">https://www.google.ca/search?q=google&amp;rlz=1C9BKJA_enCA591CA591&amp;oq=goo&amp;aqs=chrome.0.69i59j69i60j0j69i65l2j69i60&amp;sourceid=chrome-mobile&amp;espv=1&amp;ie=UTF-8&amp;hl=en-US#hl=en-US&amp;q=how+to+make+a+tincture</a>) </p><p>Likewise you can make an oil infusion (<a href="http://www.instructables.com/id/How-to-make-Infused-Oil/" style="">http://www.instructables.com/id/How-to-make-Infused-Oil/</a>)</p>
I recently purchased a perfume oil it came in a nice size dram. I would like to use this technique to make a spray. Do I need to use the glycerin or can I just dilute it with vodka? What would be the ratios?<br>Thanks!
<p>You can dilute it with vodka or a carrier oil such as sweet almond, jojoba oil etc. The ratio depends on how strong you want the scent, here is a link showing different percentage volumes used in perfume products <a href="https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Perfume#Concentrations_and_Terminology" style="">https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Perfume#Concentrations_and_Terminology</a></p>
<p>I want to make my friend some perfume as a wedding present, her wedding is almost a year away. How long will this perfume last?</p>
<p>I usually use my perfume right away so I am not sure how long it will last. Store bought perfumes contain preservatives (such as parabens and phthalates that are pretty bad for you) which increase the shelf life of the perfumes. So if you make it yourself it won't last as long as store bought perfumes so it is best to make it fresh right before you give it as a gift.</p>
<p>Do people use home made liquors? is it possible? proper word is moon shine...lol to use in place of vodlka or everclear?</p>
<p>Sure you can try that, ideally you want something that is odorless and has high percentage of alcohol.</p>
Thank you I appreciate it. How hard is it to sell your own perfumes? I'm sure its a process. Perfumes summon me...the bottles that's what I see first.
<p>I don't sell my perfumes I just make them for my self or as gifts.</p>
<p>Do people use moonshine? not sure if its legal but just curious.</p>
<p>can you use a whiskey/bourbon as base? how would I incorporate a pipe tobacco into this formula? any guidance is appreciated!!</p>
<p>Vodka and everclear (or perfumers alcohol) is recommended because it is relatively odourless, but if you want to impart the scent of bourbon/whiskey to your cologne that sounds great since the alcohol percentage is fairly similar.</p>
I have all the essential oils base heart and top from that site you posted that imitates brand name colognes . how would i know how many drops of each to put it?
<p>If it doesn't explicitly tell you how many of drops to add you will need to experiment. As a rough guide add 3 drops of the top note, 2 of the middle and 1 of the base -try this ratio.</p>
I would think the exact opposite.
<p>my sister wanted to make it so she was asking that can see use lemon grass</p>
<p>Sure you can use lemongrass.</p>
please i need a guildline on how to produce Perfume
<p>The instructions are above.</p>
<p>Hi, First I would like to say thank you for posting this easy to understand tutorial along with your images! I understand the over all concept of the Base, Middle, and High Notes (there overall jobs so to speak) where I get confused is what fragrances oils go into what categories? Are there oils that are constant that make up your Base Notes etc.? My next question is if you prefer a certain scent, how do you make it show without overwhelming your perfume with it? </p>
<p>Here is a link to an image describing how fragrance families fit into notes, they use the term head instead of top and heart instead of middle.(http://3.bp.blogspot.com/-QdJkJpFxwPI/T7Dd-MInMAI/AAAAAAAAHxQ/MSuj1jyiAn4/s1600/pyramide_parfum.gif).Your second question may depend on whether it is a top, middle or base note, you can use the other scents to modify or blend to keep it from being overwhelming but still be present, use complimentary scents. </p>
<p>Can you use plastic spray bottles to make perfume. I am going to use propylene glycol is there a reason i have to use glass bottles.</p>
<p>Plastic can absorb the essential oils, glass won't. If you want you can mix and age the perfume in a glass container and transfer it to the plastic spray bottle when it is ready.</p>
<p>Can someone tell me why you have to use vodka for perfume making? I've seen another way of making it without alcohol, but I want to know the benefits of using it or the differences before making my decision. Thank you :) </p>
<p>The alcohol is the vehical to carry the scent, once you apply the perfume the alcohol evaporates quickly and you are left with just the scent. So it is dry and ther is no residue.</p>
<p>it is a big help for me to know this thing..</p>
<p>I have another question, is the carrier oil mandatory? (I am using a perfumers alcohol) Thank you</p>
<p>No need for carrier oil. Just drop the essential oils into the perfumers alcohol.</p>
<p>Hello I am working on my perfume and everything is looking good, until I add the distilled water. Nothing is mixing, what is the purpose of the distilled water? and must I use it? Thanks in advance</p>
<p>The water dilutes the perfume so it isn't so strong, you can leave it out if you want. </p>
Thanks a bunch.
<p>I have question do you have to all the ingredients ?</p>
<p>Which ingredient s are you missing?</p>
<p>Is there a ratio I should use for determining top notes, middle notes, and base notes? How much essential oil should I put in for each?</p>

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